Our happy camper.....not so happy!:(

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by lovelyboy, Oct 5, 2012.

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    Dont know if you remember my post regarding my difficult child who didnt want to go on his first Gr 3 camp....2 days adventure....First time away from home!!!!!Anxiety>"!" never even had a sleep over!

    Then his teacher bullied us into letting him go....After we planned a replacement long weekend away at warm baths!
    So my hubby had to drive all the way back now to go and fetch him, they arrived back today, then bring him to me and little dude, relaxing at warm baths!

    So I sms hubby to ask how the happy camper is doing, when bus arrived? Sms returned that he is not happy at all!!! :( so bad that hubby said its not right time to phone him now!

    Agh!!!!!! Just spoke to hubby and difficult child....My son is in a mess!!!!! Said they almost never got any water to drink, just Power aid! And my son knows he isnt suppose to drink those stuff!!!! And said they got very little food to eat! My son needs plenty of snacks, being on Risperdal! Hubby said teacher got very irritated when he went to ask for the medications!

    Now WE need to do damage control! Well at least I am not the dragon anymore! :)
    Sometimes our difficult child's have to work things out for themselves! And will only learn from experience! All the things he is unhappy about, I predicted.....but teachers always think they know best!!!!!

    So now I am waiting with anticipation!!!!!! :(
  2. Bunny

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    What could you POSSIBLY know about what you son needs? You're only his mother!

    Next time something like this comes up you have to follow your mommy gut. You know what is best for him and what he needs and what he will be able to handle. The teachers have no idea what things will be like when that kids gets home because is whole routine gets messed up. I can't stand when people think they know what is best for our kids.
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    You can use this as a continual "teaching moment". You can remind him whenever you need to that teacher's don't know him as well as mom does and that teacher CAN be very manipulative to get what they want but to ALWAYS listen to mom.
  4. buddy

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    Me too Bunny! Really burns me esp. lately. I agree ...lesson learned (been there done that many times myself ..sometimes I feel like a slow learner myself! )
    In future ....scroooo them, you know best.
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    He's on Risperidal and didn't get enough to eat? Warning... it will probably take 3-4 WEEKS to get his blood sugar and appetite and digestive system in balance again. We did that... ONCE. Never again. Max 2.5 hours between healthy, balanced meal/snack.
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    Well...he is back in one piece! I asked him if he is glad he went....He said yes and know!
    I used it as a learning curve about what he now knows about himself and others! He is actually surprisingly ok...emotionally.....But physicly he seems a bit in a mess! He got a few bad scrapes and cuts....became infected...but typickly in the Aspie nature, didnt tell any one about it! He has a bad allergy going on.....Gave him some antihistmine and asthma pump! He stopped coughing now and is fast assleep! His eyes looks very tired!
    He said that he got terrible heartpain during the camp! I am worried about the Risperdal, but will monitor it...hopefully it was more stress related and I dont know if teacher got all the dosages correct!
    Buddy....especially for you!: He came back with ALL the bad manurisms and swearing he picked up during the last 2 days! I know you know how frustrating this is! So we are bussy working hard at undoing behaviour!Agh....
    But overall....he went, he survived and I am very GLAD my baby is back home! :)