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    oye oye OYE!

    So went to court for difficult child I. The state's attorney was back from a 6 month leave. Never met her b4, but lets just say she left a lasting impression, on me and hopefully difficult child I. She literally berrated the judge for not locking difficult child I up for 2 years back in June!!! She was fierce and would have liked to have difficult child I's head on platter. After her rant I thought the judge would lock him up for sure! But she did say if he comes back again it's 60 days in detention and then the State lawyer was really PO'd, she put some stipulation in that "when" he comes back the State will insist he be sentenced to 2 years in the juvenille state prison! ven if it meant them taking it b4 a different judge. I guess Juvenille judges can not charge the lawyers with contempt>?

    So he's home, we will see, if he's not scared, I am. He wanted to stay at the shelter for another 2 weeks, why? Let's just say he lost 35 points for making out with a girl who looks like a korean porn star!

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    Sending great big hugs to you. I am sure this is scary. I hope he will not be violent with you, and is rattled enough to stay out of trouble and in control of his temper.

    You still need to have a safety plan that includes calling 911 when/if he gets violent. Even if it means jail time for him, the rest of you, including your parents, need a place to live that is not full of an atmosphere of violence. Stick to your behavior contract (or make one with/for him) and your safety plan.

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    Hope he got the message! Major hugs to you -- what a day!
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    Get your safety plan in place.

    I hope it sunk in, but wouldn't count on it. Not after last time, he's gonna think they're just trying to scare him. Sounds like he's too focused with the "other" brain right now to pay attention.

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    Many hugs. the other thing he could think is that if he does something wrong he could get back with said girl. Watch yourself and others. Never know which way things will go and I want you to be safe.

    Sending many hugs.

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    on top of it all, difficult child II's (12) X-female friend showed up here with her 19 y/o aunt claiming difficult child II has been threatening and harrassing her, and they are threatening to go to the police. Problem is difficult child II's X-femle friend is a little pip in her own right and the Aunt who's 19, isn't all there either. difficult child II claims he has not said a word to her and that she's walked up to him and kicked her for no reason. I am not sure what to do, I gave difficult child II a sermon and pointed out his brother's poor choices, I am hoping it resolves itself but I will call the school 2morrow and clue them in.
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    And your dad?
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    Well I hope this has scared older one at least for the time being.

    I have a real concern with this place your son was just at that they allowed the males and females such close contact. Cory was in tons of placements and in none of them were the girls and boys mixed. He did have school with the girls at his Residential Treatment Center (RTC) but they were highly supervised at all times. The boys had one wing and the girls had another for all other times. They even ate separately.