Parent Checklist: Before the IEP Meeting


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This speaks of TEKS -- just insert your State's Essential Skills

(Be sure to keep a copy for yourself.)
___ Read your notice to see what issues will be discussed and who will attend.
___ Be sure enough time is allotted.
___ Ask the school for copies of any relevant information you do not already have, including:
___ latest Full and Individual Evaluation and any new testing the school has done;
___ teacher progress notes (if necessary, talk with the teacher(s) and others for information on the student’s progress);
___ TEKS for your child’s age-appropriate grade level;
___ Student Code of Conduct; and
___ blank IEP forms/any drafts of IEPs the school may have done.
___ Gather any reports you have from outside therapists, tutors, consultants or doctors.
___ Make a list of your child’s gifts and talents.
___ Read the TEKS and list the ones you think your child could learn “as is” or with modifications. The TEKS can be found on line at
___ Make a list of other things you would like your child to learn during the year. How is this going to help her? Will she be able to participate more fully in school life? Will she become more independent? How will her life change or improve?
___ Review the lists and mark 4-5 things you think are most important for your child. These will be the basis for developing her IEP goals and objectives during the ARD meetings.
___ Make a list of her areas of functioning that would increase with assistive technology (communication, mobility, etc.). Be prepared to make requests for assistive technology if it is needed.
___ Make extra copies of each list to bring to the meeting.
___ Decide who you will bring to the ARD meeting.
___ Decide if you want to meet with the teacher(s) or diagnostician before the ARD meeting.
___ If you want to tape record the ARD meeting, gather equipment, including: recorder, several high-quality tapes, new batteries and an extension cord.