IEP Evaluation Meeting

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The meeting this morning was to start the IEP process. To my amazement, the school didn't fight me at all on this! All his teachers were in attendance to give their feedback. First of all I read from a written list of bullet points I had prepared. Then the teachers spoke, half said they had no issues at all with difficult child and the other half were the diametrical opposite! They were all in agreement, though, that he was so smart that boredom might play a part in the behaviors... Then the teachers were dismissed and we went over the testing that would be covered. Including a FBA! AND, she added in a sensory test as well after I explained all the issues difficult child has with hygiene. Near the end, she said "I don't know whether you have considered this or not..." and handed me an Asperger's questionaire. She asked me to look thru it and see if it sounded like difficult child. I had completed a similar one at the neuropsychologist back in the spring and knew at that time the dr. felt Asperger's was not likely. I said I didn't want to rule anything out, myself, and took the survey home along with the others. She said, the school cannot diagnose but they might decide some of the interventions would be helpful.

Now, once the evaluations are all said & done...hopefully we can continue to work this cooperatively!

I found it interesting that his social studies teacher, who reports no problems, said difficult child often hides under his desk. He acted like it was no big deal. His math teacher on the other hand, highly objects to any form of sitting that is not butt-on-chair, feet-on-floor...and this is his worst class in behavioral terms. Do you guys think this is a sensory thing?


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Although I know you are stressed I truly had to laugh at the various ractions to how your difficult child sits. Good Grief! We are struggling and panicing about every blankin' thing and with total straight faces some teachers point out that there is not even pressure resting on the desk seat. OMG! I'm on your team but really have been there done that and sometimes it is totally absurd! Hugs. DDD