Parents beware: 3-way calling on telephones


I learned the hard way that we have 3-way calling on the house phone. How, you ask? My phone bill, of course.

While difficult child can't recall math facts, he can sure remember how to conference call to the tune of $150.00. Go figure...

He's not happy with me. Too bad, so sad. He'll be paying this out of his allowance.

Yep, I'm stilll the biggest, baddest meanie in the whole wide world. :hypnosis:

Hope the moral of the story "sticks" with him, e.g., ask permission first aka "follow directions."


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Yikes! I have phone through the cable company. We have all of those features but we pay one flat $39.00 fee.

Putting his mistakes on the back rails for a may want to look into getting all-in-one deals through cable/phone/dish company. We get all three (phone, high speed internet and cable) with two dvrs for about $140. When you first sign up, it's a less for the first year. It was only $120. for the first year. I used to have a wicked long distance bill (like $300. or more) because my family is in Florida and when I worked, I had stores out of state that I had to call. When the companies started offering flat rate fees, I jumped on it, because it was a huge cut for our bill.

Pam R

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We also learned the hard way, but fortunately, it was not terribly expensive. At that time, one could have undesireable services blocked. So we had 3 way calling blocked and 900 numbers blocked.

I recently learned that the 3 way calling is no longer blocked, as DS again mistakenly set one up. So I expect the 900 numbers aren't blocked either...

I must check into that again, now that I think of it.

Pam R.

Stella Johnson

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I didn't even know you were charged a per min fee for 3 way calling. When I was a teen we had it and as long as you didn't dial long distance there was only a monthly fee of $5 or something like that.

I did find out something new on my cell phone this week. Apparently some "service" has added itself to my cell phone bill. They were charging $35 mo for "enhanced text messaging".
It isn't throught my cell carrier. Apparently I am still stuck with the bill but my cell carrier blocked it from my phone. :grrr:



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How on earth steph? That would really tick me off since I blocked text messaging from my cell!

On the land line phones...I had so much trouble with that when Cory was 12 almost 13 that I ended up going through the phone company and having every service known to mankind blocked and it remains blocked. He ran up over $2000 in charges in 3 months time. First off he just made long distance calls and 3 ways and all that. The normal way. So I took long distance off and blocked that. Well he got around that by calling those 1800 long distance numbers so we blocked all 1800 numbers, 1900 numbers. THEN...he learned to call the operator and ask to be connected! So now I cannot even call the operator!

I can call local and 911 on my phone...that is it. Nothing else. It took me 3 months of working with the phone company to get this fixed. Thankfully it doesnt cost me an arm and a leg to get these blocked like it normally does because I told them I had a mentally handicapped child in the But boy was I mad.