Parents that have the same disorders as their children!

Thought that this was important too

When I found out my son was ADHD, I bought
Driven to Distraction. About 10 minutes into it, I realized I was reading about his dad. Never diagnosed (and not the kind of person to suggest a disorder to), I asked him to read over the book to help understand our son's condition. About 20 minutes into his picking up the book, he calls to tell me he has made an appointment with a Dr.. Shortly thereafter, he's diagnosed.

I never really thought I had anything wrong with me until just recently. I was leaving to go to work and was running really late-but I felt compelled to do things around the house before I left for work. I HAD to fill the napkin holder and put the dishes in the dishwasher and straighten the counter top, etc. etc...even though I was already running late for work.
This happens often-the need to have to do certain unnecessary things. I could have waited to do that when I got home. But it bothered me so bad-so I did it before I left making me even later for work!
After I was in the car (very frustrated at myself, of course), I sat and thought oh my goodness-I think I must be obsessive compulsive!! My fiance' has since agreed with me and says he has noticed that a long time ago. My difficult child is also obsessive compulsive type in addition to his ADHD, etc.
I now feel totally guilty for passing this on to my son. I have never had problems before though, not in school, work, etc...
I feel it is getting worse as I used to be very organized. Lately though, I have become extremely unorganized and this bothers me so much.
I write lists of things that have to be done and if I don't get them done-I get in such a bad/anxious mood.
I need to talk to my dr. about this because I never did before. I truly believe I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and have never been diagnosed with it before.
I feel like I do not have control of my life lately. This is a scary feeling. I can only IMAGINE what my young difficult child has been through over the years and what he is going through now.....

Susie/30/FE/Louisiana, divorced for last 9 years; now engaged to Arlan who has full custody of his children (two boys: C-12 yrs and A.J.-18yrs old) REASON I'M HERE: Bobby (my difficult child)Adhd,Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD),Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD),odd?depressed,etc...Need all the help and support I can get!!!