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    easy child 2 got sent to time out. She is 2 years old. I told her to go and ..... SHE WENT!!! I'm in shock. She stayed in the 'time out spot' until the timer beeped. husband showed her she has pockets this morning. She put a small doll in one and tip toed around the living room holding her pocket lest the dolly fall out.

    easy child 3 has 2 white spots on his gums where the teeth are coming through. He is miserable. Wants to be held all the time. Funny, my other kids got 4 teeth at a time and were happy. Not easy child 3. He is asleep on my lap right now. I'm hesitant of moving him. I don't want to wake him up.

    Sorry guys. I'm really isolated right now, so you get all the cute stories.
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    :congratualtions::flirtysmile3: Cute is good. I think we all need that relief sometimes.
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    Sooooo sweeeeeeeeet!
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    What did you decide to try for the gum problem? I know there were lots of suggestions and I'm just curious. It is strange how different easy child's can be from one another. My easy child#1 was 18 months when easy child#2 came on the scene. I actually believed I knew what to expect, lol. They were different as night and day.
    My mind got blown when my third was a difficult child. Life is interesting. For example potty training was a major problem with easy child#1, just a little hassle with easy child#2. Almost fifty years later I still can't believe that difficult child#1 only had one accident and she was trained. Goodness Gracious that was one of the highlights of my life, lol. Hugs. DDD
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    You think the rest of us aren't isolated?!
    Just that... most of us don't have cute stories to tell.

    I'm enjoying your babies through the stories...
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    omg that is so sweet! lol :flirtysmile3:

    I love it when they find out what pockets are for, it's always so cute.......sometimes gross.......but usually cute.

    I never had any issues getting any of mine to sit on the time out chair. Getting easy child to keep quiet so her time would actually start was a monumental task. It's how I figured out she just has to have the last word no matter what. lol

    Oliver is already getting 2 teeth. I told Nichole it's got to be from her husband's side, none of my kids started until at least 8 months.

    And by the way, who doesn't enjoy cute baby stories??
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    Oh wow 2 weeks old. That's comparable with Janet having them at birth! Glad easy child 3 didn't do that.

    I'm going with the cold wet wash cloth. What he really likes is just my fingers. He loves his gums rubbed. Its his first teeth so that's not a problem now. Sure won't be sticking my fingers in his mouth for the other teeth coming in.