pediatric acupressure?

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    my son has had anger/behavioral issues for the last year and a half. from august to december though, he was doing really well. i thought he had figured out how to control his anger but now he is back at it, making my life miserable and getting sentto the office daily at school.

    i was wondering if anyone know anything about peiatric acupuncture/ acupressure?

    i am curious if it may help even out the internal energies flowing through his body and put him back in abalance somewhat. if it would help i would like to try it.
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    Hi clisa99. I don't think we've had many members here go this route. I do know for myself that after three months of gentle chiropractic I was feeling physically better (in ways I hadn't expected). I was also sleeping much better and there was a positive impact on my emotions as a result.