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    I am hoping that some of you gals have some information that can help me out. I am 45 years old and had a hysterectomy (uterus/cervix removed) 15 years ago. They left my ovaries, since I was fairly young and they were working appropriately. Recently, I began noticing some changes that led me to believe I might have entered perimenopause - - - occasional night sweats, always hot, emotional, etc. When my doctor was running some routine blood tests, I asked him to add the FSH test, just to see if I was entering this phase.

    The results came back yesterday and the FSH was within "normal" range at 11.7. I was checking around online and a few places stated that if the FSH is over 10, it could be the beginning of perimenopause. I was hoping someone had information that would either confirm or deny this for me. I don't want to make excuses for my behaviors, but at the same time, I feel like something is definitely happening to me and I would feel better if it had to do with perimenopause and not just me going nutso.....

    Anyone have any thoughts??? Thank you.
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    You are not going nutso. Or not more nutso than any other woman, LOL!!

    I would tend to believe you are more sensitive than the "average" woman (who must live in WonderWoman's Invisible Jet because I have never seen her!) to the hormones in your body.

    You very well may be in perimenopause. Docs really underrate the effects of menopause. My GYN once told me if men had periods we would have FAR better ways to deal with it. And if men had babies there would be no "natural labor" they would be knocked out. Period.

    You may benefit from evening primrose oil, or black cohosh, or even some of the homeopathic remedies for early menopause. If you ask at a health food place they will have some products to recommend.

    here are some websites I found that have some info that looks helpful. Esp this first one - the section about FSH testing seems very clear.
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    It depends upon your interpretation of "within normal range". I asked my MD for that test and he wouldn't even do it, telling me that the levels vary so greatly from day to day that it really doesn't mean much. "Over 10" means if you are at 11 you aren't much over 10, and unless you are at 11 - 15 all of the time, it can't be judged as outside the normal range. IOW, you'd have to have your FSH tested every day for months to know what was going on by that standard. Besides, most doctors aren't entirely sympathetic with peri-menopausal women. After all, we all go through it and usually don't die from it. Unless they're making their money from it as a general rule, they don't want to bother with it.

    I wish I had a better viewpoint on this, but I've been being ignored for my nightsweats and mood swings for about 8 years now. And all I have to show for it is a mustache. :mad:
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    The majority of things I found recommended having the test on the 3rd day of your period, two or more months in a row. Many of the sites said it was a useless test. And most docs really don't CARE if women are miserable. They just don't.

    They care if men can't get it up three times a day, but unless you are dying they don't really care about women's plumbing. There is no $$$ in women's plumbing.

    It stinks, but many women do manage to find a doctor who will help them. Or they find an herbalist, or another person with suggestions.

    Evening primrose oil saved my mom's sanity.
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    Susie - thank you for the links, they were very helpful. They confirmed that the reading of 10-12 is the start of the ovary failure (mine was 11.7). And I couldn't agree more that there is no money in our plumbing. Heck, they will come out with lots of products for men to help during these years, but many women could care less anyway, so why put the money in making US feel better. I will look into the evening primrose.

    Witz: ROTFLMAO - you have a mustache and I have to pluck my chin about once a week. Where DID all these black hairs come from anyway. It's like nature's joke. And while we certainly don't "die" from it, those around us just might, LOL.

    Everyone goes through it eventually and there isn't much that can be done, but it really helps if you can have an "explanation" for the behavior (at least, that's what I can tell my hubby)...Not that I would take advantage or anything.......