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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Dec 23, 2010.

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    had a call with-speech pathologist, difficult child's refeeding therapist this a.m. she and i spoke briefly about difficult child

    she said i can't live with-you to get her to eat, so i think in my opinion your looking at another hospitalization for her. Yet i wanna see her one more time to give it closure before she goes.

    she said in my opinion it's pyschological with-her, which i guess afterall thats' what eating disorder's are. i promised myself to give myself a reprieve over xmas, and difficult child just make sure to keep working with-her offering food and keep her hydrated so she doesnt' go back to e.r. and sit down monday and figure out what i'm truly going to do.

    i thought for sure she'd eat last night her mind was redirected i had all the other kids here yet she didnt.

    i guess at this point i'm feeling a bit disconnected today to be honest. sort of numb, cried for 5 minutes than i was like ok time to wrap gifts.

    it's hard the thought of another one, i went thru hell with-first one and so did she. her mood's ok, usually really sad in a.m. and also at bedtime. her weights' going down super fast. we were at 111ish and now we hit 104 today.

    hopefully the holidays wont' be stressful and it'll renew me somehow so i can do this again, yet this time it's a hard decision to be made. gotta sit with-paper and pen with pro's and con's . i think we're all nervous what if we go hours away to live in another state and that fails too.

    the stress on this home due to it has been so tremendous unlike anything i've run across before.

    just wanted to vent a bit and share
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    Jen, do you know what hospital she would go to? Do you have a good program that understands the kind of problem she has and can work with her successfully?
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    like i said i'm giving myself a rest till after christmas so no more calls about her till than. the only place we feel that is somewhat appropriate is oregon like i mentioned. the one here in long island i probably will investigate a bit yet i dont' think it's the right place. scary part is if i leave easy child now with the state she's in which wouldnt' be a good move and high tail it on a 7 hour flight to live in another state for a month and a half what if it doesnt' work. than we'll truly be lost.
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    Then give yourself the time to think it over. It will come to you and you will make the decision that's right for your family.
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    yea let's hope so lol. honestly i feel so out of control the past 7 mos with this. it's like the most unpredicatble thing ever.
  6. smallworld

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    I know -- I remember feeling that way when M was sick. Eating disorders take on a life of their own.
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    It sounds like putting this aside until after Christmas is a good idea. Maybe you will be able to clear your head a little and the right decision will come to you. I'm sorry that she has regressed to the point that you have to think about another hospital for her.

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    yea, though one of her doctors said to me today on the phone because they just called in to say hi and see how she was doing said each hospitalization and each step is a closer step to her getting better. try not to look at it how you are, step out of the box and look at it from that perspective.

    in other words each hospitaliazation something is learned and even if oregon doesn't work, it's one step closer in other words. maybe it won't be perfect if that's our choice yet it'll be somewhat better.

    you are all talking to a woman with zero patience when it comes to kids and their basic needs........ :)

    we'll c baked all today and she had half of a cookie ruined the rest because i let her take the reigns she wanted to design, put them in oven, etc. so 4 hours of a whole lotta really weird cookies and umm some burnt ones too. when she began to cry and meltdown because the dog stole a cookie i said ok baking time is over..........:)
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    Hey, if the dog likes burned cookies...