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    I received a photo book from co-workers when I left my last job. I really loved it and appreciated the thoughtfulness...however, the pages fell out of the binding (actually, gluing) the first time I looked thru it. I have a very easy way to design one online thru walmart and the covers, colors, etc., all look real nice....but I wouldn't want this falling apart. The one I received was done at a pharmacy, not walmart. So I'm wondering, has anyone gotten one from walmart and did it hold up? Where is a good place to get one at a reasonable price that will hold up? And being able to upload photos from my home computer and design it online is a big bonus!
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    Have you ever heard of Shutterfly? I believe you design everything online. My in-laws use it frequently.
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    Shutterfly is really good for photo cards and invitations, calendars, haven't tried it for a photo book though.
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    I just did a book through shutterfly as a Christmas gift and it was great! I had received a coupon for a free photo book after a best buy purchase. I've also done books through snapfish and I've always been pleased with them. Hth
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    I would go with a site like shutterfly. They often have coupons and specials and what I have seen of their work is of a much higher quality. I don't know if you drink soda or not, but lets you get shutterfly products for reward points. There are quite a few to chose from. A cousin in college used this reward program to make photo books for relatives for Christmas several years ago and they were beautiful. One was a small one for a toddler in the family and it endured her carrying it everywhere, throwing it, attempts to chew it, etc...

    If you are unaware of the specifics of mycokerewards, you enter codes from the inside of the lid of plastic bottles of coke products or the inside of the box for cans. They add up and you can get all sorts of things. We got a really nice rice cooker a few years ago. While the rewards change, there are always shutterfly choices..

    While it takes a lot to get some of the bigger things, the photo items don't take as many points. An 8x8 photobook is 200 points, 8 1/2x11 is 250 and 12x12 is 400. You get 3 points for each bottle between 12 oz and 3 liter, and 10 pts for a 12 or 24 pack of cans. I have seen quite a few places where someone stuck a little container by the trash or recycling and a note asking for people to put their coke product caps in. Some said what they wanted the caps for, others didn't, but often they got more than a few.

    There are 14 brands of drinks that have mycokereward points, so there may be one you already drink often. Here is the site: .

    If you don't want to go through that, you could still use shutterfly. I have heard great things about them and seen some really nice products, FAR nicer than walmart or the drugstore.

    The other option might be kinko's. Just insist on seeing samples before you order. Even if you enter everything online, and order that way, go to a store and ask to see their photobook samples and binding samples.