Pics of soon-to-be grandson!

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    You will all just have to excuse me ... I'm a newbie first-time upcoming grandma and I just can't help myself! My daughter in S. Carolina is 28 weeks pregnant and just had her second 4D ultrasound done yesterday - she sent me pictures! In these, he looks more like a baby and less like an alien than he did in the first ones at 16 weeks. She said he apparently slept through most of it and the technician kept trying to wake him up so he would move more. Besides the still pictures, they have it all on a DVD and they're sending me a copy. When I was expecting, I would have done anything to be able to actually see their little faces like this before they were born! It may be 'old hat' to some of you more experienced grandmas, but this stuff just blows me away! I sure hope the link works ... Photobucket defies me every time I try it! If I could have figured out how to do a "slide show", I would have done it that way.

    This is my first grandchild, Ethan Zachary, expected birthday May 20th ...

    This just amazes me that you can actually see him, clear as day in there, three months before he's born! He's already got chubby cheeks and they've decided that he has his mama's nose! My daughter said that this has taken a lot of the anxiety out of the waiting. They already know that he's a perfectly formed, apparently completely normal, very active little boy. And there's no need to count his little fingers and toes right after he's born - they've already done that! Neat, huh!
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    OHMYGOSH the technology has gotten better in the last 10 years. He's beautiful! Wow.
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    OMG Donna that's so cool!!! easy child was going to have one done with Brandon but changed her mind due to cost. I could sit and look at that sort of thing all day. Fascinates me.

    He's adorable. :D And I agree, he already has chubby cheeks. lol Ohhhh you are gonna have so much fun.

    I just bought Darrin and Aubrey these cute Sponge Bob jammies I found at walmart just to surprise them. lol And last week I picked up the cutest musical toy for Brandon....I never thought someone could make a bug cute, but they did. lol And sent the grands in Mo 15.00 for vday. Yup, spoiling is fun. :D LOL

    Keep us updated grandma to be.
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    Lisa, they fascinate me too! I wish the pictures would have come out a little bigger. In the first and second ones, he appears to be either chewing on his hand or sucking his thumb. In some of the earlier ones (at 16 weeks) you can very clearly see him with fingers in his mouth! She said he was sleeping when they did the scan and the technician kept trying to wake him up so he would move around and in some of the pictures he has a very annoyed expression on his face! A temper already - just like his mama! And I LOVE the ones that show his little feet!

    They have his nursery all finished, they've enrolled in all the classes, and she already has a spot reserved for him in daycare. It took them almost four years of trying for her to get pregnant, so he is a very special little guy - to us anyway. :D
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    Technology these days is amazing.

    He's going to be a sweetie pie!

    Uh oh! She'll be paying for her raising? lol
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    My daughter in law is due on May 21, so we'll be grandma's together. Of course, I already have one grandson---but this one is a girl...and I am so excited I can't stand it.
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    That last picture just made me smile - He's beautiful -
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    Those ultrasounds are so incredible!!! What a handsome little guy! My sister is due any time now and has had some of those. The tech made her (the baby) move around so we've seen some "annoyed" pictures also! So cute!!!!

    Congrats and have fun with the spoiling!!!
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    He looks perfect.the things they can do today are amazing.I had my ultrasound taped for me when I had my second one, but nothing as cool as this.this is something they will always have and that is priceless.
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    Wow.he's so adorable! You'll have so much fun with him! Being Grandma is awesome!! I'm so thrilled for all of you.
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    What a cutie! This pics fascinate me ~ all the detail.

    Congrats, Donna on becoming a grandmummy:bravo::bigsmile: Time to start spoiling the new baby. If you need help with ideas I have a ton of them.
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    How beautiful. That is amazing.

    I have a VHS recording of my only ultrasound. Couldn't see like your pictures. That is amazing.
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    How amazing! Wonderful pics. Thanks for sharing!
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    Arent the ultrasounds amazing now? Mine looked like blobs that I had to just take their words were

    That is one cute baby boy! I cant wait for you to actually get your hands on him. There is really nothing like it.
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    Janet, the doctors still use the b&w 'blobby' ultrasounds for diagnostic purposes, but they're a lot better than they used to be. In one of the 'regular' ultrasounds she had at the OB's office, they could even see the tiny little 'buds' in his jaw that will become his baby teeth some day. These 4D super-detailed ones are more just for fun, so their medical insurance doesn't pay for them since they're not medically necessary. They had these done at one of those places that do them commercially. The website from one of them has a series of pictures that shows babies faces in the ultrasounds done at 28-30 weeks next to pictures of their faces from the same angle after they're born. They look exactly the same, just a little chubbier when they're finally born.

    I really do think that it does a lot to begin the bonding process with the baby. He's not just a little 'unknown' to them - he's a real little boy and he already has a name and they already know what he looks like! That's just soooo neat! Mine were born before they could even tell you what sex they were before birth, much less all this!
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    :9-07tears: ....someone please pass the hankies. He's beautiful, Donna. :9-07tears:

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Wow... that's amazing! What a cutie!
  18. totoro

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    Thank you! I love the fact that they can get such clear photos now with the Ultra-sounds!
    He is a perfect little baby!
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    Wow those are beautiful pictures!! Congratulations on your grandson. I cant believe that you can see the baby so clearly. I wish they had those sonograms when I was pregnant with easy child.

    Best wishes to the parents to be as well.