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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Lothlorien, Nov 3, 2008.

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    I had a peach pie recipe from Food Network (emeril to be specific) that was outrageous! It was actually a peach/blueberry pie recipe, but I only used peaches. Anyway, it involed a pie crust that had 12 tablespoons of butter. It was the best darn pie crust EVER!!! I can't find the darn recipe! Anyone else have it? I thought I might have posted about it after I made it, but can't find it in the archives. I was hoping to make an outrageous pie for T-giving.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    and once you find said recipe, you'll be posting directions to your house, right? Don't worry, I'll bring my own fork. (Won't need a napkin 'cuz it won't last that long).
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    Did you post it in the recipe social group?
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    TM...I'll have to look. (NOPE, just looked...not there)

    Thanks Meow!

    Heather, that looks like it might be it. THANKS!!!! Arteries are definitely clogging, but OMG that is the best pie crust I've ever eaten. I could just toss the filling and eat the crust! I saved it to my recipes on my easy child.
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    This is my all time favorite pie crust recipe. I use it for all of my pies. It is a Martha Stewart Pate Brisee if you need to look it up.
    It uses 2 sticks of butter!!! 16 tablespoons!!! MMMMMM!!!

    It is very easy and I will make a couple at a time and freeze it for later.
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    WowTotoro, that looks great, too.

    Thanks guys! You are the best. I've copied and pasted these all to a word document. I don't want to lose these. I'm going to print them out and put it inside one of my cookbooks.
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    You mean people make pie crusts, and don't just buy them out of the freezer case??:hammer:
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    I usually do buy them, but once in a while, I like to make this one, because it's THAT good! You can't buy THAT good in the store.