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Hello I am a single parent of 2 boys.My youngest just turned 16 and I am at my limit with him. It started when he was 13 years old. He use to be my baby boy and almost over night he is like a stranger to me. He doesn't drink or do drugs but dose smoke cigarettes. I pride myself on honest and finding myself at a battle with my son over it. He lies to me about everything. I punish him and he tries to twist the story he first gave me. Then he gets to where he doesn't care about what I take off of him and won't do any of his chores and says to me ...well Im getting punished anyways so. The harder I push the more he kicks. It's a battle everytime ..all the time..I try therapy and when he gets punished for something like lying to me he just refuses to go to therapy I believe its cause he knows it upsets me so as a punishment for me. He does whatever he wants and wants to take no responsibility. What can I do?


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It's nice to "meet" you, but sorry you had to come. Can you tell us more about your sixteen year old? Who does he hang around with? Do you like his friends? Did anything happen when he was thirteen? Is it possible he may be drinking or using other drugs? That is probably the biggest reason our good kids suddenly change on a dime. It happened to me when my daughter was twelve and I did not suspect drugs until she was caught. Do you have other children? How is he doing in school?


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Hi and welcome to the board.

I have a couple questions. Sorry, but we usually have more questions when a new poster pops up especially if there is no signature profile...

How does your son do in school? Are his grades ok? Is he respectful to his teachers and other adults? Does he interact socially with his peers and have buddies? How does he interact with his older sibling?

It seems curious that your son would have been a typical kid in all ways and then turned on a dime. Usually something like that is not due to emotional/behavioral/mental/educational issues but rather substance abuse or a traumatic occurrence.