Please keep your fingers crossed....

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We're at a crossroads for kt's discharge. The discharge plan is to have services/staff in place before discharge.

Residential Treatment Center (RTC), who created the discharge plan, is pushing for discharge even though we have no staff in place. The PCA firm we worked with has a couple of potential staff that would be a good fit & I'm scheduled to interview them on Friday.

In the meantime, the lady in charge of the money, is waiting to hear from Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) provider. They promised staff 2 weeks ago - so far nothing. (We'd rather utilize Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) versus PCAs but will take what is available. And this firm has always provided a higher level of staff than normal for PCA.)

I have a call into psychiatrist - he wants to hear this stuff & I'm going to share with him. Either his staff at Residential Treatment Center (RTC) needs to back off or he needs to call a team meeting with the county to demand accountability.

Keep fingers crossed that staff is in place by the end of the week...

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Independent living skills.... a few steps above PCAs. kt is to the point where she doesn't need a "babysitter", if you will. She needs a continuation of what had been learned in the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) setting.

An Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker fits the bill.


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OK, here they are both the same people providing..........just depends what the treatment plans says. I had some patients I simply babysat or was "companion for" and some I taught and supervised.
And my kids also had both types in our home, but they did not title the providers differently.

I haven't been on here much lately, didn't know the time was drawing so close to kt being Difficult Child'd home. I will pray that the correct staff are lined up as soon as possible and that YOU feel confident that the appropriate people are there to help.


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Fingers crossed for your staff meeting to be fruitful and for you to find an excellent fit in time so you don't have to delay the homecoming.


Fingers and all body parts crossed. I hope they come up with an excellent Integrated Listening Systems (ILS). ((hugs))


I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!! I'll be thinking of you this week and praying :angel: that all services are in place by Friday!
It's time for kt to go home!!! WFEN


Everythings crossed, lit, and rattling.

(and they expect us to figure it out when the same group of "pros" can't even get their story straight??!! HA!)


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:nonono: Linda, I think I'd just ask the next Residential Treatment Center (RTC) person who called pushing for a date for a copy of the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) policy that states a discharge plan will be formulated by the team and then...


:grrr: Is the goal here for kt to succeed at home or are they sabotaging it before it even starts?

I'm fuming here for you... but also know that this is not going to fly with you there to advocate for your girl!


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Hoping for an easy transition and a healthy home life. It must be tough dealing with it all. I know the anxiety from the waiting has got to be tough. Add to that dealing with too many people who think they know what there doing and ..... I hurt for you!


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I have them crossed for your family... here's hoping for a productive week on all fronts!!! With great results!


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Why doesn't it surprise me they want to discharge her prior to placements being set? Oh yeah, because that's what they did to difficult child 2 and he wound up right back where he started :hammer:

Well, hopefully they get their tails in gear and get everything in place for you. If they send her home without all your stuff in place, I'd be fuming too :grrr:

Keep us posted, Linda. I'm keeping fingers crossed for you.


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Fingers crossed and prayers being said. Too bad they can't there act together to follow the plan :nonono: