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    Nancy423 do I have to be the mom?

    ROFL. I swear husband and I didn't double team him or anything. i don't think i've ever come across anyone so overwhelmed by difficult child's issues. He said we'd be ther 1/2 hour....turned out to be 1 1/2 hours! He didn't even write down 1/2 of what we said because he was so astonished. (hope he remembers it later) Said it was the first time he's seen anything like our case. Liability is the #1 reason why we landed there. That's so sad. To put a child thru this because you don't want be liable. We stressed the fact that before and after the arrest, difficult child had excellent behavior (by her standards of course).

    We were asked what we did as punishment. I just said "She punished herself; didn't go out, hardly talked, and worried herself sick enough to see her doctor."

    We have to wait until he goes over the case with- the manager, talks with- the officers and we'll then receive the recommendation. Cross your fingers for a deferment!!!
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    Crossing all body parts for you!!!!

    Did you mention to him the school districts liability in this for touching your child????