Poem for my difficult child

Andrea Danielle

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My mother wrote this poem for my son, it makes me cry.
I had to share as I am sure it sounds like your difficult child's too:


A spirit wild and free,
Brown eyes capture me,
Loving, funny, heart of gold.
Shy, innocent, mask of bold,
Valiant warrior, mighty king,
In fantasy, everything.

A spark ignites with a roar,
A raging fire, he is at war.
Calm again, it all passed by,
Tears, relief, a gentle sigh.
A smile, all is well,
Falling, falling under his spell.

Whose face in him can I see?
My eyes search the man, he will be.
Time will lead him, to that day.
For now little boy, please stay.



Mom? What's a difficult child?
Oh that is so sweet- I love that she get's him... for your Mom to take that time and think about her Grandson in this way and to put it to paper... instead of like most of the grandmothers out there... "He is fine" "you are just a bad Mom"

What nice honest words... something special to keep forever!!!


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That is so beautiful. Your mother obviously loves difficult child and understands him as well. You are blessed and so is he for having such a loving angel in your family.


Andrea Danielle

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Thanks guys, I am glad you like it. I have submitted it to the Canadian Tourettes Foundation and they are going to put it in their newsletter.
I know I am lucky to have a mom who so completely understands him :smile: