The third and last poem on difficult child

Andrea Danielle

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Hi there,
My mom says that this is the last poem she is writing on difficult child. She thinks she has said it all now. (We'll see) She wrote this right after he was blowing kisses to her as we were driving away and saying, "I love you Nanna" over and over again. It was a happy moment, he has said some horribly mean things to her. We all get caught up in these beautiful moments and forget temporarily how mean he can turn so suddenly :frown:

This one is my favourite....

Fragile wings

Today you are an angel
Yesterday's storm, seems far away
Who knows what tomorrow may bring?
We take it day by day.

We cherish these moments,
When the sun comes shining through,
Bringing light into your eyes
And all the love, from inside of you.

You are a special angel,
Needing lots of care,
Your wings are so fragile,
Your emotions, they lay bare.

We tread lightly as we teach you,
Giving out the tools you need,
So that you can use them,
On this path we lead.

The sky may turn dark tomorrow,
We will hear the thunder roar,
But today is bright and sunny,
It's today, we are living for.


Wiped Out

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What a neat poem. Your mom is very insightful. This could fit for my difficult child.


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That is beautiful!! Your mom is a good writer. She really has insight into what it is like living with our difficult children. Although the poems she writes are for your difficult child, they really do ring true for the rest of us. Please thank her for us, as she is affecting many people with her sweet words of wisdom. :smile: