Police and forster care


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Ph my what a few weeks ive had i feel bad comming here and moaning about my problems and not repling to others her but sometimes i dont know what to say but i do unsterand somethings i have read
Today has to be one of my baddest day,My son was punching into me,kicking and tryed to stab a scissors at me after i inteviend to get them off him as he was doing to his leg he is ok didnt do any damange,due to this my suport bloke was here as had a heck of a morning after there was a change to what we were gonna do and dont think this helped him,he was swearing etc to him,another bloke came to suport and he got as well
Due to him doing this the poilice was called as it is no first time he has attacked me,they came and had to restrain him i had to get out of room too much and i had a panick attack
they got him calmed down and suport bloke was with me,social worker came out and she has been trying to get him somethere to go as situation has got out of hand ,best for him and myself,
Got a phone call and they have a temp foster home from tomorow till monday ,I realy dont know how i am going to cope also how he is going to react,i have to get his clothes together and tell him before she apears tomorow at mid day to get him,i am so scared and i hope i can keep it together any advise

First off ((((HUGS!!))) What an awful situation for you and your child.

Are they looking into a more therapeutic situation than a foster home for him? I don't know what types of care you have there in the UK, but here we would sometimes have to wait a week or more to get our kiddo into a child psychiatric hospital.

Do you get to meet the foster family?

I am so sorry your family is going through such a rough time of it!



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I am so sorry you have to go through this. Hopefully, they will find a good setting for him and get him help. I wish you the best.

Maybe it would be best if you didn't tell him? Let the social worker handle it when she comes to get him. You can either pack the clothes while he is at school or pack them later and have them sent to him.


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Thank you both for repling
Last meeting there was we asked for residential school as they have everything there for him but it was refused as it hasnt been in front of a childrens panel and they have to pay for it
Also past few weeks there hasnt been any homes sutible for him but because what has happened today and police invoved they had to,This time away is for us both to have a break and social to get something that can help us all in long run,I was told there will be no contact allowed till monday
It will be going to an apanel when i dont know and will be them who will decide whats gonna happen,We have been fighting for yrs for help but we have been let down big time and now is at this point i am toaly discussd ,angry,upset when this apeal comes i will be mentioning this that school,pscoligists,social have all let us down big time
I am going to pack his bag tonight and not mention anythiing till she comes as he will kick off,he aint in school for 9 weeks as he was expelled