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Kanga went nuts again. Neighbors called the cops. Luckily our police department seems to have had very good training on the mentally ill. They asked if we needed help. Waited until she took her medications. Told us we were "saints" for adopting her (the one time when it helps to have transracially adopted).

Since she hasn't raged like this in ages and started Adderall on Thursday - I think it's related.

What do you think???


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Oh man......that's tough! So sorry. For once a positive report about the police, though.
I know for my son - any type of stimulant makes him literally go off the deep end - I think I would reconsider the Adderall for sure.

Goodl luck!


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Adderall sent my son to a bad place. He was super grouchy, sensitive, cried all the time, but thankfully no rages. Not a fan of adderall here.


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No fan of Adderall here either. If the rage is new, I'd bet it's related.

Glad to hear you had a nice experience with the police, though. I have to say in the 4 years we've lived in our house, we've never had the cops called, amazingly enough...and I'm SURE the neighbors have heard it all! Our houses are pretty close together! Do you live in a condo/apt building?

What medications did you give her? Do you have a PRN for her when she rages? (just curious...I had asked psychiatrist if he'd rx a prn for M and he said they don't work...I think we need one.)

Hope Kanga is in a better place now. :::hugs:::

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Ahhhhh, JJJ. I'm sorry to hear this - as you know, we've had the police here more times than I care to count.

It's always upsetting - always traumatic (for me).

Take a deep breath & call psychiatrist in the morning.
No advice on the Adderall, never had any experience with it.

Just wanted to send my support, some hugs to you and Kanga, and some prayers. Kudos to your PD too.


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My difficult child did this on Concerta but Adderall is good for her.

For sure call psychiatrist tomorrow am.

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Sorry for the rough afternoon. Glad to hear the police were supportive. My difficult child does not tolerate any stimulants at all including Adderall. They help with the impulse but make him more agitated and violent. Hugs.


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Hi all,

When Kanga was taken off the Risperdal, we no longer had a PRN. I just gave her the Geodon early. I took the other children to my sisters for 4 hours and husband stayed home with Kanga. She was able to talk with me when I got home and she said that she thought the Adderall was a bad medicine because it was making her feel out of control of her attitude :frown:

I'm calling psychiatrist in the morning.


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Sorry you had such a rough time. I've seen and heard about many negative experiences with stimulants and kids with mood disorders. I'd call the p-doctor...Hopefully you'll have a better day tomorrow. I'm glad to hear the police were well trained. Is it typical that neighbors call the police as opposed to you? I'm wondering if this is helpful to you or not?


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Hi Jannie,

We've called the police 4 times for transport (3 for Kanga and once for Eeyore). This is the first time that the neighbors have "helped". They told the police we were beating Kanga. Can't really blame them as she was screaming her head off for us to "quit touching her", etc.

UGH! Sorry for such a rough time. I am shocked our neighbors haven't ever called the police. When Aly gets that bad she is always screaming for us to stop hitting/touching her. There is NO WAY I get myself close enough to even be able to hit her when she is in a rage. I just keep Jayme and myself safe and race for the PRN medications!

For what it's worth, Adderall was horrible for Aly. It worked ok for about 3 weeks and then she went totally manic on it. Same with Ritalin and Strattera. No more stims for her ever again if I have anything to say about it!!

I pray you get some help from psychiatrist this morning.



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I hope the police talked to your neighbors as well so they are more understanding in the future.
sorry you have had this bad time.


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Spoke with the nurse (psychiatrist on vacation until tomorrow), she said that it wasn't a problem to discontinue the Adderall and she'd let psychiatrist know what happened and call us back tomorrow.

Janet-I tried to see if they spoke to any neighbors but I don't think they did. Not sure what they could say as they can't really tell them Kanga's private info as she hasn't committed a crime and she is a juvenile....

Mostly we ignore our neighbors and they ignore us. I'm not a neighborhood kind of gal. I'd love 10 acres and no neighbors.

Kanga is back to her normal self (at least where she was pre-Adderal) so I'm positive that was it as in the past if she lost it that bad it would escalate each day until we needed ER.