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UG. My easy child recently got her drivers license. She has been useing husband Jeep. Last nite I went to this meeting at police dept, kinda like neighborhood watch. WHile I was there listening to complaints about parking scofflaws (instead of complaints about more serious issues) my poor easy child was driving just outside police dept, going to McDs for a McFlurry. (her boyfriend works at McDs)
She was on a lil res side street and something hit the jeep. It obliterated the windsheild, so she had to slow down. WHACK she got hit again, and realized someone was following her. She called 9-1-1 and turned jeep around to get plate number and got hityet again. Police told her to drive to police dept and wait for them in parking lot. She called me and then went to police dept. I got to her and there was another man there too- whose minivan had also been hit by raw eggs. We waited at police dept parking lot for like 45 mins, and then the school cop came to take statements. Turns out some 40 yr old man was drunk, stoler a car and was following-chaseing people and throwing raw eggs at them and their cars. There were at least 3 victims, and the van had been at the interesction of the 2 hwys in town!

Bummer is we had to change car ins companies becuz my husband had so many accidents and tickets, and we had so much vandalism problems, our insurance dropped us. We have not been with the new insurance even a month. We are very afraid to turn in a claim for this------------but, due to the heat outside and the hot engine of the car, both the minivan and our jeep had so much damage from the eggs and the egg stripped paint. WOrse, we have experience from previous vandalism that our local police did not write up their reports good enough- so altho the person was convicted before for major costly vandalism (slashing tires, slashing Jeeps soft top, all sides, 3 times in 10 days and sugar in gas tank- the jeep was less than a year old) the judge refused to order restitution for those vandalsim acts...........and with us both trying to survive on soc sec disability- with 3 kids- we were not able to repair the damages all the time. <sigh>

We also are concerned and want the police to reflect in the charges the potential danger easy child was in when her vision was completely obstructed while driving down the road. BUT the police are not sounding like they are going to address that- as of now they still have not given us a copy of police report nor a police report number. <sigh> Always something.

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Oh Dreamer-poor easy child. How very scary. It doesn't seem right that the person doing the egging doesn't have to pay. Hugs.


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UG! the police had the guy, but did not get his ID and then somehow he got away from them! ACK! AND now in the police report they wrote nothing was damaged! Me and another victim went down to police dept and complained becuz yes, there WAS damage. But the police argued with us and are not sure they will amend their paperwork....and now they are saying they are simply going to charge the person with disorderly conduct, since they cannot prove anything, since they did not get his ID before he got away from them.
I am SO frustrated, and easy child is quite angry.


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think of it this way...he was probably on parole, is related to a politician OR is headed off to college in September...they don't want to ruin such a "wonderful kids" record...

ahhhh, we need an icon for sarcasm!!!

Sorry about the hassles, sometimes I wish God would take away some of the more obnoxious things in life since he's assigned us the "other difficulties" in life!

Wishing you and easy child luck!