Positive schools for behavioral kids


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I was wondering if there is such a thing as a school for children who have behavioral issues but not so severe that it needs to be through a hospital.

difficult child is getting better as he gets older. He has done well without medications this summer and to be honest the only reason why he is starting back on medications is because he cannot function at school. He can't sit still for hours and just learn. husband is very bitter about having to drug him just because the mainstream learning does not work for our children. I am finding so many kids that are not so severe that they need serious intervention but are cannot handle the way most schools are. IEP's are just not quite enough for them but they need something. I can't homeschool with my job and difficult child would just not respect that I would be his teacher.

Are these private schools or do they have schools for kids like this and I just don't know about them. I hate medicating him because he does not fit the "sit down and be quiet" attitude that schools have.

Do they have these?


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Hi, I don't know the specific answer, if there or isn't. I do know that I work in a mainstream school and our classroom is similar to what you might be looking for. the kids are not on medication. Each childs' work is specificly for them, on their pace and level, and constantly is fine-tuned so they're working on what they need to be working on. Also, we have been trained to use Non-Violent Crisis Internention, which we use every day and even at every activity. One of us will leave the room with the child,and then finish the activity when the child has calmed down. We start back up where the child has last been succesful. When these meltdowns occur, the child doesn't earn their reward for that acticity, but they can try again on the next activity. A reward is what they work for- time spent playing with Legos, or drawing,or taking a walk. I think you should look within your school district for a classroom that you want. If there is nothing, is there a school just for Special Education? Maybe they have a classroom there. It's the teacher that will make sure the child is succesful all day-that's the main goal. Also we have behavior classes that are for higher functioning kids, whose meltdowns aren't as servere -kids that need a behavior plan all day. These classes are fabulous. They really help the child to be and feel "normal".-Alyssa


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mum, my difficult child is in a class in a regular school called "social development class".....it's soooooo much better for him than the normal classroom. I don't know if your public schools have this, but it's worth inquiring. It isn't widely known in our district because they don't want a million kids in it, but my boy has needed it desperately. Check into it...


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Often, Charter Schools, specialize in dealing with children who have LDs or behavioral problems. I was just looking into some here, but unfortunately the closest one is 20 miles away. The gas prices are too high for me to travel that twice a day in the gas guzzler I drive. Do a google search for charter schools in your state. Sometimes you can get a scholarship and some are actually free.


we are moving back to my hometown and they're just sarting this year a special "behavior needs" class for each grade level, I am guessing they had a big bill for out of district placements, so they're trying this. Each class will have a teacher and an aide. As well as a counselor for part fo the day. I am eager to see how this works out for difficult child II, because if we stayed here he would've been being placed 5 towns away in a special school.