Potential solutions for getting children to swallow pills


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This was a great site, Alisha! I wish I had some of these suggestions when my difficult child was just learning to take pills!

Now he's decided that he can take capsules but not actual pills. We have to crush his Trazodone every night and put it in an empty capsule for him to take it. The capsule is huge, but for some reason he says it's easy to swallow. Whatever works :laugh:

I think I'm going to look in to SwallowAid - that seems like a great product, if it works!



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There are some great tips in there, Alisha. I'm going to run a copy for a few women here in the office that have little ones whom they've mentioned have a hard time swallowing pills. I was successful with mine by putting it in a little dab of peanut butter, but that hasn't worked for theirs.

Thanks again.


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I thought I was devious until I read these! I suppose having a really sick child would wise one up in no time.

Thanks for the tips--I'm going to pass these on as well.


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Alisha, thanks so much for this citation! It's just what we've been looking for. Nikki will be having major surgery at the end of the month and will likely have to take mesalamine capsules (a type of anti-inflammatory drug) that will become ineffective if crushed.

Thanks again--Nina


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i taught my difficult child to swallow pills by getting him to put it in his mouth, not at the back of his tongue where he could feel it but just in the middle, i then told him to take a big mouthful of juice and mix the pill up with the juice, i then told him to just swallow the mouthful of juice and his pill would dissapear!! try it yourself, its easy you dont even feel the pill go down, my difficult child thought it was like magic :eek: