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I'm going to post this on the general and early childhood forums.

I'd really like difficult child 2 to be potty trained but don't know how to go about doing it. The biggest problem is going to be keeping his hands out of his pants. Right now he always wears a onsie. If he doesn't "stuff" gets everywhere. He has been wearing a onsie 24/7 for about a year. I started potty training difficult child 1 at this age. It would be so nice to only have one baby in diapers. I'm kinda worried difficult child 2 will be in onsies and diapers forever. Any ideas?


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The types of issues that fall under the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) umbrella usually result in later potty training. Speech delay, Sensory Integration Disorder (SID), and motor skills all can contribute so I wouldn't be very aggressive. If it were me I wouldn't even even attempt it until summer when there are fewer clothes to deal with. If he has a resistive personality, I'd recommend skipping the typical comments like "When you're a big boy you'll use the big potty too." because resistive kids rise to the occasion for comments like that. ;-)

In advance, make sure he's witnessing the other males in the house going in the bathroom. I know there are videos out that some parents like but I've never seen those.


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Hi, emily. My high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) son wasn't completely trained until five. I never forced the issue with any of my kids. They pottied when they were ready. Most potty trained themselves at 3, but my youngest pottied on her own at two and, as I said, Lucas was five. Since he went to Early Intervention Preschool plus Headstart they didn't mind if he wore pullups. However, he held it in much better at school. I don't know why. Trust me, your child will be potty trained one day :smile:


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Thanks for all the encouragement and stories. I think I'll wait a few years. difficult child 2 is 2 1/2 and he doesn't care about the potty yet. Its me and the diaper budget that is effected. Right now if I tried it we'd not do so well. Thanks for the encouragement to wait. But yes I have seen kids in kindergaren in diapers.
Gosh, potty training? I will just be glad when she will sleep through the night and will be able to say more than a 2-3 word sentence and walk without falling. Potty training is sooooo far down my list of worries for her. The only issue is, she is already in the size 6 diapers and those are getting tight. Anyone else have a child still in diapers at 48lbs??? She is a BIG girl, very tall, very athletically built. And I don't see her even getting ready to attempt to potty at least till summer. She has no desire, would walk around with a drippy, poopy diaper and is clueless.

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The small adult diapers are the next step up. Course they are more expensive. I just used the adult diapers at night and squeezed him into the six 6s during the day. Tig bowel trained at 3, day trained at 4 but wasn't dry through the night until almost 8.