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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by LauraH, Aug 15, 2019.

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    Prayers asked for my son. He's actually doing well, in fact he just recently moved out of the sober living home to rent a room in a coworker's house. But yesterday he learned that his half brother (from his dad) had committed suicide. He is devastated. I am optimistic that he will make it through this, but this is HUGE and could easily trigger a relapse. Praying with all my might that his support network and his own strength will keep that from happening.
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    Prayers for your son that he is able to stay on path and also for his father who lost his son.
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    I am not a religious person but I'll be keeping your son and your family close to my heart. <3
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    Thank you. His father passed away in 2011. But his mother is still living and is heartbroken. We were never friends (he left me for her) but that was in the distant past and my heart aches for what she must be going through. My son has a large extended family on his father's side, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., and I am sad for them as well. I spoke to his aunt yesterday and she brought me to tears. She said Charles' recovery is priority, and she couldn't lose two nephews to drugs. I'm uncertain the circumstances of what drove the brother to suicide but I know he has or had a drug problem and I'm feel like that's a factor. It's all so heartbreaking. Of course my first and primary concern is my son's sobriety.
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    Praying for your son . Sometimes, these jarring incidents in our lives actually help to drive us deeper into recovery .I will pray for a miracle for him today and going forward and I see him thriving in His recovery. Does he attend meetings? NA or AA? Does he have a sponsor? I am praying for you as .well because I know how scared you must be and how difficult these roads we travel are. Do you have local support for yourself? Al Anon? ❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨
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    Praying that this will draw him toward God and not away and will strengthen his resolve to move forward.
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    Prayers for your son and his family, and you.
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    Prayers coming your way that you have the tools you need to weather this storm, which it is for everyone. So very sorry to hear of the circumstances.
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    Just said a prayer.
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    Me too. How hard and terrible for your son and tje young man.
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    Prayers going up❤️
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    I’m glad to hear that your son is staying sober and working to better his life!

    Prayers for strength at this trying time in his life.

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    Thank you, everyone. My son is handling this tragedy as well as can be expected under the circumstances. He promised his sponsor that he would touch base with her every day. I'm not sure if he has but I have no reason to believe he hasn't. His great-aunt on his dad's side is a major support. While he's been staying with her he's gone to meetings. They are now in Georgia for the funeral so I don't know if he will be able to get to meetings there or not. I have told him more than once how proud I am for the way he is dealing with his sorrow. And he's now met two other half-brothers that he had never met outside of Facebook. I wish it was under happier circumstances but I'm glad they finally got to meet. He's staying with the youngest of his dad's sons while he's in Georgia so I'm hoping they will form a bond. Family is so important. And I've told his great-aunt how grateful I am that she is so vested in his recovery.

    And my son posted this meme on Facebook yesterday: "To all those who have been praying for me, please continue. It's working." And you all are part of that group. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!