Praying weather doesn't interfere with paternity


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difficult child has an appointment to have the paternity test done this Thursday and now they are predicting lousy weather here on Wednesday, so I'm praying husband isn't out plowing and sanding Thursday morning.
Wingnut and baby have to go at the same time, so husband is supposed to bring difficult child. I will not go and take the chance of running into her and the baby before I know the answer.

I guess if I have to take him I'll just drop him off and go have coffee somewhere and tell him to call me when he's done.

I'm getting anxious as it gets closer because I'm finally going to have the answer I've been waiting over 3 months for.


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Thinking of you Karen. I don't know what you hope the answer to the test is, but I pray it goes as you wish.
I bet the waiting is hard, hope the weather holds off.


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I'll certainly keep my fingers crossed that you don't have to reschedule the appointment. You have all been waiting a long time to get the answer.

Once the test is done, how long will it be until you get the results?



When I saw the title I thought of something else... All of my babies were Fall/ Winter. It's common in the adoption world that the most babies are born between something like Sept and Feb.... it's storms like these that boost the population.


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I hope that it turns out in the best interest of all involved. I know that you are leary of seeing the baby before you know for sure. I would be too. the baby is such innocent pawn in the hands of such a manipulative wingnut!


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:warrior: Will be thinking of you, too!!
Wingnut has to be there at the same time??? :smile:

Trouble with a capital T. ((Hugs))!!



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That's the way they do it here, too. Not only do all have to go
at the same time........easy child/difficult child at the age of six was put on a table directly across from his bioDad whom he had never met!!
Geez! GFGmom stood next to easy child/difficult child and bioDad's wife (who insisted on the test) stood next to her then husband. What a
heartwarming scene that must have been!

Act like a Taxi driver and take a break. Good idea, Karen!!

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Keeping fingers crossed the weather doesn't mess you up. You've already waited long enough.

We're getting our bad weather tonight and tomorrow...... And God only knows what we're getting cuz all of the reports are conflicting with each other. :faint:


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The snow is supposed to start after 9 tonight and then turn to rain and crud tomorrow and end by tomorrow night. husband should be able to get everything clean up in time for thursday morning.

I told difficult child to make sure and ask how long it will be before he gets the results and to make sure they send them to him!!!! Not to her where he can rely on her telling him the reults.

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Karen, we are expecting the same weather here, It is supposed to stop late Wednesday, so hopefull husband will be available in the morning. IF he is not, is the plan for you to drive him and not go in? I think thats what I read. Either way, I would make sure that he made it to that appointment come heck or high water, you have waited way too long and so has he. About the results, I cant see why they would mail them to her, if anything I think they would send a copy to all parties involoved. UGH the suspense!!



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I will definatley drive him and wait outside if husband can't take him. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that he can!!


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The space in the subject line was too small to fit the word appointment :smile: LOL

Atleast it made everyone curious