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    drum roll please....

    The function of behaviors is avoidance of academic requests and transitions! (shocking, I know)

    And her advice is to tell them that they need to not escalate him, as best they can, and then they have to ignore his behaviors before he will stop doing them.

    (and they paid money for this).

    I guess I should add that she had some strategies for them to use (you know, really "out there" things like, oh, visual schedules, and sensory breaks, and the incredible 5 point scale and how your engine runs - ALL of which were in my parent requests, and half of which they are supposed to be using now, but aren't), that she will write up (many more were requested with my parent requests and/or the advocates before the last IEP meeting). ExMIL also said she could see this woman had been "prepped" about us, and she could also see her "checking off" the stories as we interacted.
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    Go figure... :rolleyes:
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    How incredibly validating that, in spite of the "prep" work, her recommendations are in line with- yours. Guess you're not as out of your mind as SD thinks.:tongue:

    Will be interesting to see what, if anything, SD does with this.

    Any chance evaluator addresses the efficacy of threatening an 8-year-old with arrest? (Sorry, I know that's just snarky, but that whole strategy just burns my toast.)

    I found a link that might help a bit, since it seems like more and more states are trying to implement this in a standard fashion.

    If you click on the "what is SW-PBIS" link on the left side of this page, it gives a really nice description of how FBA/BIPs are supposed to work, with the responsibilities of school staff detailed (tier 3). You might also check out

    I think PBIS is a really good idea because it focuses on expected behaviors (positive) rather than telling the kids what *not* to do. Sometimes the presentation makes a huge difference.

    Anyway - glad the FBA was on target so far. Will keep my fingers crossed that some good stuff for Wee comes out of it.
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    Ya know, I didn't mention the arrest threat. I think that's worth calling her up about, tho.

    Know what else? (you're gonna love this, Sue...)

    WE ARE (supposedly) A PBIS SCHOOL!!!!!


    That crazy principal lady was one of the 6 authors of the PBIS Handbook for the elementary! You know, the one that says spitting is a level one offense and doesn'teven require the kid to be sent to the office, yet mine's supposed to get a juvie report out of the deal, and was threatened with arrest! Yup. PBIS, we are...big ol' sign at the door that says so.

    What the &^%$ ever.