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    Well, according to website, my son is in the prison assigned. He hasnt called yet. Nervous cause he made enemies last time he was in prison. Doesnt take much to make one. He was nervous of being sent to a prison where someone recognized him since he was only out 1yr. Mean while trying to get wein off these antidepressants ive been on for along time. Gained too much weight. Probably not good timing, but i cant gain anymore. Going to try to exercise, but its hard at this size to do. Ugh road blocks!
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    Exercise, I can help with that! Start small, even if it is very small, like walking down the street and back. And if that's all you can do right now, that's ok! It may only be a block but it's a start. My hubby used to get mad if I asked him to walk a little with me( I was always active, he wasn't). We worked on him losing 90 lbs, I lost around 20 lbs. unfortunately, I started gaining some back....middle Good luck!
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    Exercise your freedom in your own home! Crank your tunes and do a dance, you are no longer in his prison.

    Celebrate you.
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