Problems with- Preschool -- Any Suggestions?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JulienSam, Jan 29, 2008.

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    My 4 yr old DS has been attending a church operated preschool for the past few years -- usually only 2 or 3 days a week. It's a nice school and his current teacher is wonderful & very willing to work with us to find a way to prevent meltdowns & how to handle them when they happen at school.

    I have the Explosive Child DVD to give his teacher & a number of articles (including posts from this site on adapting it for younger children) to give to her.

    The problem is the director of the preschool. She just doesn't seem to understand that DS isn't choosing to behave the way he does; she's very unwilling to make accommodations (doesn't want to treat him any differently than the other kids), but more than willing to pull him out of the classroom as soon as meltdown starts -- instead of allowing his teacher to work with him to calm down. His teacher has said that twice now she's been on the verge of distracting him or calming him out of a meltdown when the Director comes in & takes him back to her office (which is right across the hall).

    Any suggestions on how to get the Director to realize that it's ok to treat DS differently because he is different?


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    My suggestion is to take him to the school district for testing and have him put into the Early Interventions program. They will adapt a program to fit his needs and get him help, which will benefit him greatly. I would also take difficult child to a neuropsychologist for a complete evaluation.
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    I think first an evaluation made by a neuropsychologist or developmental pediatrician is important. It is hard to ask teh Director to treat him differently if you can't tell her WHY he needs this.

    Also get an Occupational Therapist (OT) evaluation, it helps many kids.

    The local school district should have a program for younger children and it will probably include much more than the church-run preschool will be able to provide. I know the teachers in our pre-K and HeadStart programs are amazing.
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    That sounds so frustrating. My son's preschool staff each has a different way of going about things, too, even though they claim on paper to be of one mind with-discipline. Can be tricky. Good luck. It sounds like getting either district early intervention or an official diagnosis/evaluation if you want to stay at the church preschool is a good idea.