Programs or resources for teens in Idaho???

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Idaho97, Jun 29, 2011.

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    This is my first post but am hoping someone can help me, direct me or tell me where to look. I have a 13 year old son that is out of control and I am out of ideas to help him and am scared every day for him. For the past 3 years he has been getting in trouble, hanging out with the wrong kids and failing school....He tried to kill himself a few months ago with pills and has been diagnosed with ADD & a mood disorder.

    I have tried a psychiatric hospital, several counselors and he is currently on medication. He is the best liar I have ever known and am scared of what he will do to himself or our family. Today we found cigarettes, pills, pot and used condoms in his room and I am crushed and a nervous wreck. I don't know how to help him and I can't watch him do this to himself and he is tearing apart my marriage. He is disrespctful to me, adults and anyone who isn't in his circle. I am so upset most of the time that this is affecting my work, my relationship with my other son and every part of my life.

    I don't know where to go from here. I can't find any local support that doesn't cost a fortune and I am out of ideas and don't know what to do...If anyone knows of any programs in Idaho or resources they can share I would so appreciate.

    Thanks for reading
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    Do you have insurance? Can you get him into a dual diagnosis facility (rehab)? That is exactly where I would start. Unfortunately, by the time I found out about my daughter's drug issues she was past the age of medical consent and they would not take her unwillingly. Strike now while he may be young enough for you to be able to get him in...(((HUGS)))
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    Unfortunetly Residential Treatment Center (RTC) are very expensive. If you belong to a church you may be able to get some help from them-many people I know have been able to do that. I do know of one program in Idaho-just know it exists as I use to live in Boise many years ago. We did a private Residential Treatment Center (RTC) here when our daughter had just turned 14. This program was one of the cheapest because after 1st phase, parents brought home their child and 2 others every night to feed and sleep. The program got cheaper as our daughter progressed in levels. Food bill was pretty high an gas to and from the center 2 times a day was costly. I don't know if something like this exist there. It was 1/2 the price overall of any other private places. Unfortuneately, it often takes more than one go and our daughter needed Residential Treatment Center (RTC) again. Our only choice and maybe yours, was to get the courts involved. We turned our daughter in for everything. Called the police every time she was AWAL, when we found paraphelalia, everything. We finially got charges that got us before a judge where we begged for a specific state funded Residential Treatment Center (RTC). She is there now. We do have to pay child support to the state as she had to be put in temporary juvenile justice custody. Another option is to take your boy to youth services (called different thing in different states), where you get a break and can talk to the counselors about resources. At one point they told us (after about 5 stays there) that our only option until she broke the law was to refuse to pick her up. At that point they put the child in DCF custody. There is an investigation into abuse. Most of the time you just have to tell them that your child is ungovernable and you need help and have no other options.

    Day treatment is also a less expensive option and some of these have sliding scales. Your insurance may cover a day treatment program. These are often attached to hospitols, United Way agencies or state mental health places.

    Welcome and please keep us posted. I know how hard this is. I will ask my friends in Idaho what they know and send you a private message.
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    Finding help, particularly the right help, is a difficult task. I would suggest that you use the internet to find all facilities in your State. Usually there is a description of the care they provide. When I sought residential substance abuse treatment I first chose a center that was recommended to me based on past experience by a social services recently retired supervisor. Bottom had changed management and the majority of the residents were court ordered in placement there. It not only didn't help it gave lessons in delinquent behaviors. The second placement was "high end" and I had assumed we would not be able to afford it When I contacted them I was pleasantly surprised that they had a sliding scale and because of donations received it actually turned out to be less expensive than the first.

    Just use key words in your search and see what you find. It surely sounds like your son does need more help than he is getting and I wish you good luck. Welcome aboard. DDD