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    Wow ! A doozy of a progress report came home today from difficult child's teacher.

    Very poor report. Majority of issues are focus and behavior related.

    It indicates he is doing poorly in reading (barely passing) great reader, poor comprehension.

    Behavioral issues as follows:

    acts inappropriate
    poor focus
    does not check work
    poor attitude
    rushes through all work
    poor effort
    and so on and so on ...

    Thing is, difficult child's report card at the end of March only had two issues marked on it.

    Now he has 10 issues .... WTH ! I am just so upset right now. His Teacher is well aware the husband and I need to know what the he** is going on and he has made light of things in the past.

    I am alittle PO'D at Teacher for not communicating any of this beforehand. I am very open and have told him in the past I need to know !!!

    I realize it is all justified. difficult child is one tough egg to crack.

    Same old song and dance for difficult child.

    No elaboration from the Teacher at all. Just a computer print out (which is unfair to slam the he** out of difficult child with no explanation)

    He is well aware of his issues and he does receive extra help with Reading.

    I called and requested a meeting ASAP.

    Sigh ... (BIG ONE)
  2. susiestar

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    I am sorry. It seems odd that there were not problems on the report card but are so many now. Sadly, when doing report cards the teachers are often rushed and they are thinking of so much they don't always note down all the problems. The printout can be hard to read, seeing things in black and white is not easy for us parents, especially when we know it is true.

    I would try to start a daily journal where the teacher writes out what has gone on, all incidents, how they happened, possible causes, and the outcome, then sends it home and you read and reply each night. This will need to be written into the IEP and may be hard to get done. It will help a ton if you can get it implemented. Then you will know what is happening when it happens, Know what I mean??
  3. shellyd67

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    Thanks Susie. I just feel sad right now. So sad. I am taking my anger and sadness out on the Teacher. I know it is all justified. Tears are streaming down my face as I type this.

    I calmly sat down with difficult child and tried to explain what was going on. He looked shocked. I know him so well and know that a small part of him care and a large part of him could give a darn.

    I am hoping to meet with his Teacher on Monday and I guess we will go from there.
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    Shelly, I understand your reaction as I have been in a very similar situation before. We let Ls teacher know what she was 'in for' at the beginning of the year and asked that she please let us know of any issues asap so we could deal with them. We didn't get any feedback until the first progress report which was very similar to your difficult children, when I went in to speak with the teacher I was in much the same mindset as you were in your first post.....I was SHOCKED to find out she had been sending home notes every time L was on 'red' for the day (they change colors as they get in trouble from green to yellow to orange to red then to the principals office) L was apparently disposing of these notes and her teacher thought I was just not returning them. Since then Ls teacher has taken the time to call me after school when she has a particularly bad day or atleast give me a call when a note she sent home does not come back signed, so L quit 'losing' her notes and now I know exactly what happened when she behaves really badly. Im sorry that your difficult children teacher seems much less accommodating & I would be irritated too.
    I love Susie's suggestion & I think when we go thru insisting on an IEP for next year at Ls new school I will try to get that included!
  5. shellyd67

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    Thanks P-Nut. I also have been very open and honest with difficult child's teachers. Infact, I always feel guilty after because I leave NOTHING out and I don't want difficult child to start off on a bad note, but it has to been done.

    I am still quite upset. I have accepted that "it is what it is" BUT like Susie said, it is just SO HARD to see it in black and white.

    I am glad school is coming to an end soon ... :2dissapointed:
  6. Jules71

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    Ohhhhh Shelly -I'm so sorry. I know just how you feel. I get so tired of all the negativity and disappointment.

    acts inappropriate - is the school working with him to teach him how to act appropriately?
    poor focus - does he have a bond with his teacher? Is he engaged in learning? If not, what are they doing to help him?
    does not check work - a lot of times just producing the work is all they can do / what ideas do they have for dealing with this?
    poor attitude - If he's like my difficult child maybe he feels like everyone is against him - how would your attitude be in that case?
    rushes through all work - because it is boring and unimportant - what can they do to motivate him to do better?
    poor effort - again motivation - how are they helping him?

    Turn their complaints/negative comments into opportunities for them to teach him how to succeed. Hang in there hon! xo
  7. Jules71

    Jules71 Warrior Mom since 2007

    And by the way - I am counting down the days til school is out too!
  8. shellyd67

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    Thanx Jules ! husband and I going to prepare well for this meeting ( I may even print out your words of wisdom and take them along with me) anyhow, my Mom said alot of the same things you did.

    I just want is what is best for difficult child (as we all do)

    I will let you know how our meeting goes....
  9. Jena

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    i'm sorry thats soo hard to read isnt' it especially when its in writing with zero heads up!! i'd be upset too. i had a book, for the teacher and i to communicate in about difficult child daily. it helped with keeping up with what was going on, also with medication changes, its hard to know what's going on at school if you don't chase down some teachers.

    does he have an iep already? he does i think right? any new stuff you could add on to help with the focusing issues and attention?? sorry you got that......