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    ...Is tomorrow night.

    Last night, Pat asked Bill if he could have $20 for a ticket. Bill was so shocked, he shelled it out with no problem. I think I would have, too.

    I guess he is planning on going stag with a bunch of other guys... In regular everyday clothes.

    I'm befuddled. One, PAT?!

    And two, in MY day Prom was black-tie. One of my friends went in Hawaiian-print Jamz shorts, and was asked at the door to leave... So he got his tux pants and put them on over the shorts till we got inside!

    Three, during the IEP meeting this morning, I said something about not wearing THE COAT... The sped (clueless though she might be about Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)) agreed. He thinks he'll wear it. Ohhhhkaaayyy. (Bill thinks he is going to talk Pat into at least wearing a dress shirt and pants, which he DOES own. HA.)

    Belle didn't go to Prom. Not her scene. Never expected Pat to go at all (even before the weird behavior).

    I hope he and his friends aren't up to anything nefarious. I'm rather at a loss.
  2. pasajes4

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    Let it flow. They maybe planning to be up to no good. They may just want to go because. There is no point in second guessing what his intentions are. You will find out soon enough.
  3. AnnieO

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    Yup... I am just rather surprised is all. Hey, maybe he's tired of his games!
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  5. SomewhereOutThere

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    Wow. At Jumpers prom (she was the only kid of mine who wantted to go and she was voted Prom Queen!) everyone dressed to the nines. I dont know if anyone could have gone in dressed ratty.
    Still hope he has fun. And that he is not planning any mischief.
  6. AnnieO

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    Well, he didn't go... We spoke to several other parents we know and it was definitely a dress-up occasion. So Bill made him put on a decent pair of jeans and shirt (he has dress pants and a couple nice dress shirts... UGH)... He left... Came back, said his group of 6 turned into a group of 9 so 3 of them bowed out...????? Argh. He did give Bill the $20 back. (He hadn't bought a ticket... And that's not something where you buy a ticket at the door...)
  7. pasajes4

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    In all probability, he just did not grasp what prom entailed. If he struggles with social concepts, he may have thought this was like any other dance that has been held at the school.
  8. InsaneCdn

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    I'm guessing that somebody bought 6 tickets - and he was to pay them back. But then it turned into 9 kids for 6 tickets.
  9. AnnieO

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    He's never been interested in any other dance... Homecoming is the only other one that I've ever heard of. They just don't DO dances like they used to.

    You know, that makes a LOT of sense.
  10. SomewhereOutThere

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    Atypically nerological kids often shun dances. Sonic was asked one year and he only wrnt becsuse she was so aggressive about it and his best friend and he didnt want to hurt her feelings. You could see the torture on his face as he watched us in our car as he was.dragged in.

    Princess was rebellious and anti cheerleader and anti any rah rah school functions. She didnt like preps and it is definitely mostly a prep thing. She had offers but no.

    Bart was too shy to date in highbschool snd had social phobias about crowds. It was a struggle to get him to school each day. The thought of dancing in front of all his peers was terrifying to him. I kid you not.

    Jumper, my most tyical child, was involved in every school function..
    Student council, homecoming, prom, selling brats as a fundraiser etc.

    Proms arent for everyone. I sort of agreed with Princess when I was in high school. I had lots of boyfriends, but no interest in school events. I didnt even go to high school graduation although I was under tons of presdure to go by family. I didnt go anyway and passed up my gifts. Didnt phase me. Nobody was going to make me go. I was not neurolically typical either, of course. So I get it.

    Oh well.
  11. AnnieO

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    Belle posted this thing the other day about never being asked to prom. That really surprised me, but then on further reflection, the kids she spent time with were NOT the kind that normally went to prom.
  12. InsaneCdn

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    That makes sense, though. It's taken quite a while for her to even really notice that she missed a few of these common milestones. The kind you can't replace.
  13. SomewhereOutThere

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    Annieo, of course. When I got asked it was sort of a joke. We would show up in blue jeans and laugh at the reaction. While I did not do drugs or get into legal trouble, I loved to do little nuisance stuff like this. In the end, I had no real interest in going at all. I did not have a lot of friends...two or three...but all of us rolled our eyes at cheerleaders, preppies and those with school spirit. I was not a troublemaker, but I didnt care one wit for my school and, even as an adult, really dont want to go to reunions. It was a pretty nothing place for me...I struggled in school and near the end all but gave up. Only my mom getting me a tutor for my nemesis math got me enough credits to graduate.
    When I wouldnt go to graduation,my grandma didnt believe I graduated at all until my diploma arrived in tbe mail.
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    Yep, perfectly understand that. Some of my friends didn't attend for the same reasons. Glad it all worked out though. My son on the contrary kind of did want to go...but only the day high school kids got to do those things. The evening high school students couldn't participate ( didn't know that at first).....and he really wanted a shot at participating in the day program so he could do the things the other kids were doing. This was a few years back...and kind of surprised me that he cared about it. So, we scheduled a mtg with the day school principal, the school psychiatric and see if they would give him a shot at trying the day school (regular high school) and it was plain as day from that interview and responses my son gave to their questions that he wouldn't survive a week. Have to say..they knew what they were doing and were very caring about letting him know. Glad they screened him first...since it would have been a disaster.
  15. AnnieO

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    The group I hung out with... Well, we played Dungeons & Dragons. We were not quite "hoods", but we thumbed our noses at the preppies. Several of the guys were wrestlers, a couple were on the football team, and I'd wear my boyfriend's jersey on Fridays. They did get class rings. We weren't the popular kids, but we definitely took Prom seriously - out to eat at a nice restaurant, dress to the nines, corsages and boutonnieres, pictures, dance at least once.

    When my 10th reunion came up, I went for giggles (and dragged my ex). Interestingly, several of the popular kids remembered me well and asked me to sit with them. (?!) So I went to the 20th - good food, and Bill knew several of my classmates. 25th, I only went to see one particular classmate, because his daughter and mine are "friends" - though they live in TN!
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    I didn't go to Senior Prom - the guy I was dating was older - but I did go as a sophomore with a senior. Tried to go to the Christmas Formal my senior year with a guy friend, because neither of us had been...his car caught fire and the tickets were in the burned out shell of the car.

    Reunions? Went to my 10th, took Katie's father, BORED BORED BORED. Swore I'd never go to another one. When the 20th rolled around, Hubby and I were dating. We graduated together, and his sister (who graduated with us, too) was head of the reunion committee. Forced to go. Had a really good time. 30th was a good one, too.

    Got the 40th in my headlights. Holy did I get so old?

    1-9-8-0! Class of '80, GO GO GO!