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    This may seem like a small thing, but we have had marital WARS about it. husband never wants to leave work early because the weather. He INSISTS he is fine to drive on any kind of roads. Well, today it was black ice on all the roads in the state.

    He actually left work an hour early (and still didn't get home until after the normal time!). He said cars were off the road at least every mile. I am glad we have good tires and he has a lot of experience driving on bad roads.

    And when he came in, right after he took his coat off he told me he was not going in to the office tomorrow!!!!! I am proud of his leaving early AND deciding to work from home tomorrow!!

    This is MAJOR for him. To get ONE of them with-o an argument or putting a serious guilt trip on him is very rare. To get both, well, I think my husband is maturing, LOL!!! (JK, I am just proud he is being realistic)

    Actually tomorrow he will problem work from the bookstore, because thank you is off school tomorrow too (our schools post closings the night before if at ALL possible, so parents can make child care arrangements.).

    I hope you can all stay safe on the roads, esp if yours are anywhere near as bad as ours are. (Even the school bus was over an hour late dropping thank you off, to show how bad the roads are!)
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    Yeah husband! I'm glad he came home safe and that he won't be out on those roads today!
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    Wow, sounds like my H! Unfortunately, lack of work is keeping H home these days and that's driving me crazy!

    Glad your H used some common sense without a battle for a change.