Psoriasis anyone?


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I have psoriasis, or so I am told. Used to be just a strange foot condition where the skin on the bottoms peeled off in strips. Would bubble up and then just come off. When they gave me cortisone to put on it the skin would look nice then come off in one or two big sheets. Off of the ENTIRE BOTTOM of my feet. That felt like walking on ground glass. So no cortisone, just left the feet alone.

Now I have psoriatic arthritis. It hurts. Am on Enbrel shots, but too soon to know if they will work.

I have big scabs all over my body. I itch like crazy every second of every minute of every day.Deep down inside itch. I have tried every OTC cream, several prescriptions, no help from anything.

I wonder if any of this is related to my Vit D deficiency/intolerance. I have very very low Vit D levels and get very sick if I take any Vit D supplement. Or am in the sun under any conditions.

This is frustrating me. Anyone have any advice?




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I'll ask my husband about the Vit D connection.
Wow, you've got it bad! I am so sorry.
My difficult child has mild psoriasis on his face and arms... we kid him and say he looks like Michael Jackson. The non-steroidal scrip cream he uses works very well, fortunately. The dr. said he'd probably outgrow it by the time he's in his mid-teens.
Personally, I think it's related to other allergies, and when we get those under control, the psoriasis will go away.


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Enbrel should help.

Also have you tried taking omega 3s such as flax seed oil capsules? My son has psoriasis pretty badly and he has just started taking flax seed oil and we are seeing if that will help him. He has no insurance so we are attempting natural cures.

A friend of mine has psoriatic arthritis and she uses either enbrel or humera and it helps her. Dont know about the vit d connection though. I have heard that many folks with Fibro really have low vit d instead of fibro. Interesting that you have that and cant take supps.


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Janet, My doctor says that low Vit D can be PART of fibro, but he has yet to see Vit D fix anyone's entire fibro problems.

Vit D is something toxic to my particular body. I get so sick in so many ways from taking any kind of supplement. doctor says it is problem why milk makes me sick too. And sunlight, my body hates that. HEY - maybe I am just a Vampire and don't know it?? Body hates the sun ya know!



Light treatment. Had it real bad, like scab ontop of scap. Itching like crazy. The dermatologist gave me (had my choice of bills to take, or bath lotion to soak in prior to light treatment) Medication makes your skin sensitive to light.
After only a few light treatments it went away. comes back only very mild once in a while.


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Light therapy worked great for my friend. She has psoriasis. My stepfather and brother have it, as well, and used skin ointments, but theirs was not on soles of feet.
I have psoriatic arthritis, but the joint pain was far bigger the problem for me than psoriasis. My psoriasis(2000) stayed on trunk of my body and my head. I have overlapping RA(2000) and Lupus(1981) as well, so I was put on methotrexate first, and that did help the psoriasis almost imemdiately. It did not help the joint and tendon problems, alone, tho. Eventually(last year) I was put on prednisone to jump start things and then Humira was added. Since then I have had NO symptoms at all of psoriasis anywhere. (YAY)