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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, Mar 2, 2010.

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    After all this nonsense at school - the insessant calls of concern that kt needs immediate hospitalization for stabilization & the email of nothing new we saw psychiatrist yesterday.

    psychiatrist took a look at the letter and said (I quote) "I wish people would let me do my job - too many people think they know the whole picture". I burst out laugh commenting that I wondered who over at day treatment had an MD behind their names. "Makes me wonder why I spent all those years in school" was his reply.

    psychiatrist sat back, read the email & said "so". Let's see kt has a tremendous amount of anxiety, has survived a great deal over the last few years, the death of her father, mom's health (tho kt protests this doesn't stress her), wm's ongoing drama & then there is bio home.

    He turned to kt & told her that he was proud of all she has survived. I was embarrassed that he used me as an example. Asked kt if she remembered when I declared last year that I was going to be golfing - that I would find a way no matter what? kt didn't but psychiatrist did. He told kt that I had that one simple goal to give me joy - something I loved. AND I found a way to do it. He told kt that she has a good example in mom on survival.

    psychiatrist encourage kt to continue working with therapist on the triggers for her dissociative states i.e. the flashbacks, anxiety, whatever. He told her that he was waiting for that request for a letter of recommendation to college from her.

    In the meantime, psychiatrist is going to have mental health CM call the school & remind them of all the anxieties kt has survived; that there are some day, weeks that kt will act out instead of facing her own emotions. To trust me to handle when I need to call for help - I have in the past & he knows I will do so in the future.

    kt was beaming as we left. This is the only psychiatrist that talks with his patients - spent an hour with him.

  2. Linda,

    Can we clone him? He sounds very grounded and just wonderful. I'm glad that ktbug has such a positive force in her life (besides her Mom :)

  3. flutterby

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    I love his response. What a great psychiatrist to have on your team.
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    Linda, I've always thought your psychiatrist was one of a kind. He's an example of how psychiatrists should take care of the kids.

    You shouldn't be embarrassed. Credit where credit is due. You have *always* been an outstanding role model for kt - professional woman, capable (ok, *more* than capable) advocate, problem solver, and now for the last 3 years you've dealt with a really lousy set of card and you're still going strong. You also ask for help when you need it which is something kt needs to have modeled for her as well.

    I hope CM is able to reign in the school a bit, get them back to reality.

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    He does sound like a great psychiatrist- not only is he staying focused on the problem/solution and not blaming you, he sounds very good with kt AND his approach encourages her to trust you, which I would imagine she needs reinforcement when it comes to trusting any adult. You've got a keeper there!

    difficult child's psychiatrist was pretty good, but not as good as the one you described- his appts were too short to get into much. But I remember when I told him the court's solution to all difficult child's problems- the in-home therapist to put difficult child on a behavior contract. (Now I'm not saying those can't be useful in some situations, but it seemed unlikely to the profs in my son's life, who knew his underlying problems, that this was going to get to the root of much.) Anyway, when I told psychiatrist that it was leading to a contract for difficult child and me that was based on me cooking meals he liked a lot more often and him not breaking the law, psychiatrist rolled his eyes and chuckled and said, "what you cook for dinner did not cause this problem, and what you cook for dinner will not solve this problem." That is such a simple statement but I remember it often because it reminds me to asked myself that question when I'm dealing with a difficult child issue and proposed "solution". (ie, "Did ABC cause any part of the problem? Will changing XYZ likely solve any part of the problem?")
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    Can we buy a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal and publish this little story? Tell other docs that THIS is the kind of person a psychiatrist should be???
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    I want your psychiatrist!
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    What a great doctor!
  9. timer lady

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    I have to tell you ladies, this psychiatrist & I butted heads at first but developed a mutual respect after a time. AND I feel blessed to have this dedicated doctor in the tweedles lives. He's been an incredible part of our mental health team.

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    I am happy for you to have found such a wonderful psychiatrist. Does wm see him, too?

    I hope kt finds a way to remember his words. Especially to strive for that letter of recommendation for college request to cross his desk.
  11. LittleDudesMom

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    what a great appointment, especially following the letter from school.

    Sounds like psychiatrist is really tuned into kt. What a blessing it is to find a doctor that takes the time....

  12. timer lady

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    Wendy, wm sees this psychiatrist as well. It's fun to watch how kt & wm react to him respectively. He psychiatrist treats the twins respectively. We've been seeing this psychiatrist for 6 going on 7 years now. He knows the entire family inside out.
  13. gcvmom

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    in my opinion that is of HUGE importance when you've got multiple people in the same family dealing with issues. Sounds like he treats the kids like people first, patients second.
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    Wow - I am so impressed! But even more importantly I am SO glad that you guys have such a support in this man. Many, many hugs! He is right on when he tells KT to look to you as inspiration. You truly are.:redface:
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    Love your psychiatrist! Good ones are so few and far between! We have a great one also for difficult child and easy child/difficult child!
  16. totoro

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    What a great post!!! THis is one of the reasons that even if we have to leave here I will NOT give up our psychiatrist unless we find a better one some where.
    I would travel to continue seeing her.
    Good and great psychiatrist's are so rare. K has had 2 and WOW it is such a huge thing for our kids.

    You are the most important part of the whole picture and you should get complimented! You have such grace and you inspire.