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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by wakeupcall, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. wakeupcall

    wakeupcall Well-Known Member

    I had a physical recently and I should have asked, but I didn't. Aside from historically low blood pressure 102/58 or so, I have a very rapid heartrate. It's always been fast, but should I be concerned about it? No dr has ever even mentioned it to me, but I know it's out of the norm. Usually it's somewhere between 90-100. Does anyone else on here have a rapid pulse without exertion?
  2. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    :salute: me.

    I'm not in good physical shape. That's why my pulse is high. I also have low to normal blood pressure. I've been told very recently that I am fine.
  3. wakeupcall

    wakeupcall Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm in good physical condition. I watch my weight, I exercise, I try to eat right.....but my pulse always fast. I don't know if that's good because it keeps ya pumping, or if it's hard on the heart to be moving that much. I was just curious. Obviously it's not earth-shattering, or one of my doctors would have said something along the way....or they think I'm scared being in their office and thus the fast pace. BUT it's that way at rest, also.
  4. everywoman

    everywoman Active Member

    I have a very low blood pressure---60/80 normally---my pulse rate is very high also. I am in fairly good health, but am a smoker. I do have thyroid disease and that can make your blood pressure low.
  5. wakeupcall

    wakeupcall Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm, recently my doctor detected that I had a low thyroid minutely low), but I'm on 50 mg Levoxyl for that now. I started the medication the end of April. Nonetheless, these numbers have always been about the same.
  6. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Interesting. My blood pressure has always been low due to my Addison's but my pulse used to be high-resting was at 90. Then I started exercising and losing weight. My resting rate is now in the high 50's to 60. Maybe because you are in good medical condition they aren't concerned? Have you asked your dr? If not I would at least mention it to him as a concern.
  7. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    Was just in the hospital again. Had several nebulizer treatments. My pulse shot up to 140. Now THAT was scary.
  8. wakeupcall

    wakeupcall Well-Known Member

    BigBadKitty, my husband has a condition that causes a very, very rapid heartrate ocassionally. It's called Wolfe-Parkinson-White Syndrome. It was diagnosis when he was about forty years old and he takes medicaiton for it now. When he has a "spell" it causes him to be very short of breath and extremely weak. When he's not in the middle of a spell, his heartrate is between 60-70.
  9. Sue C

    Sue C Active Member

    I also have always had very low blood pressure and a high pulse rate. No dr. has ever told me to worry about it. I did ask the dr. recently if I should worry that my pulse goes way too high (according to the Curves chart) when I am exercising at Curves. He said that that was fine--it meant my heart was working. :smile:

  10. wakeupcall

    wakeupcall Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Sue, that makes me feel better. I meant to take my pulse this morning after walking for three miles to see if it was waaaaay faster, but I forgot. I'll do that some time and see. It seems that my heart rate is as if I was exercising all the time. Maybe that's making it stronger, or maybe that's wearing it out!
  11. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    I have low blood pressure and a rapid pulse rate as well. Historically the low BiPolar (BP) has been more of a concern than the pulse rate as it gets REAAALLLYY low if I'm ill or have to be bedridden for any length of time.
  12. wakeupcall

    wakeupcall Well-Known Member

    GoingNorth, I get lightheaded occasionally. I'm sure those are the times that my BiPolar (BP) has dropped some for whatever reason. No doctor has ever said a thing to me about low BiPolar (BP); they always tell me it's good. It must be genetic because my mother had very low BiPolar (BP) and so does my grown daughter.
  13. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    I have always had a high pulse, often as high as 120 while resting. My weight does not seem to make a difference, neither does my overall health. Been this way for ever.

    Docs say it is no big deal, at least for me.