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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by amazeofgrace, Jul 20, 2008.

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    So I took difficult child II to my mother in law's for a visit today and difficult child I was at work (he got there late of course).

    So I had a few hours to myself, I should have worked out or cleaned, but nah, I shopped, only spent a whole $12, so I was not that bad. But I impulsively stopped in the Puppy Store, last time I was there with difficult child II we had to go straight to the ER, because he freaked out when I wouldn't buy one. But this time I was by myself.

    I walked around thinking i would look and leave, but fell in love with a baby beagle, the girl asked me if I wanted to play with him, she carded me (protocol) and baby beagle and I bonded in the visiting booth for about 20 minutes, had he not been $1200.00 I may have left with him, but I firmly believe in pet adoption, but he was such a cute lil guy. I quickly left b4 I did anything dumb! LOL
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    I saw a beagle at the Rescue League. The first time I saw him he had just been neutered and wasn't adoptable. I went back last Saturday to see him and maybe take him home with me but got the hours wrong and they were closing when I got there. (Why do they close at 2:45 on Saturday and aren't open on Sunday?) I went back the next chance I had, Wednesday evening but he had been adopted Monday.

    He wasn't a puppy, he was older but I want an older dog. And I always liked beagles.
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    Please, Please, Please don't ever buy a puppy from a "puppy store" or a pet shop! The overpriced puppies that you see in pet shops almost always come from "puppy mills", just like the horrible ones they showed on Oprah! The parents of those puppies live their entire lives confined to tiny filthy wire cages cranking out litter after litter of puppies - many of the parent dogs never set foot on the ground, many are sick or injured. They almost always suffer unspeakable cruelty and neglect. The case in the news a few weeks ago where the Humane Society rescued 700 dogs from a disgusting backwoods puppy mill was only a few miles from where I work! Many of these puppy mill puppies are poorly bred and carry genetic defects, many are already sick when you buy them. And since they go through so many hands before they reach the pet shops (puppy brokers) any "health guarantee" you might get is meaningless.

    If you really wanted a beagle, for that same $1,200 you could probably buy a SHOW QUALITY beagle puppy from a reputable, responsible breeder who is very careful to breed healthy sound puppies free of genetic defects! Or, I'm sure there are many beagles in the animal shelters near you that really need a good home. Most of the large chain pet supply stores like Petsmart have adoption days where they bring animals from the local shelters that are availabvle for adoption. Thousands of these dogs are euthanized every year! Check on Petfinder.com. Or, there are rescue groups for just about every breed of dog ... I'm sure there are beagle groups out there. The Boston Terrier board I'm a member of has links to all kinds of rescue groups throughout the country. I could find one and pm you the information if you like. Just PLEASE don't buy one from a pet shop!

    Didn't mean to get on my soap box, but this is one of the things that I am very passionate about!
  4. Abbey

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    Beagles are adorable, especially as puppies. BUT, they are true to their breed. They DIG and DIG and DIG. (I lost a back yard from one of them.) And in my history of training dogs, they're not exactly the sharpest tack in the box.

    They are wonderful if you want a hunting dog. Their sense of smell is great, but they do their own thing. They'll catch a scent and go for it. You're yelling..."Ruby! Come back!" Ain't gonna happen. That dog is on a mission. Then when you finally catch up with him, he'll be sitting there by his catch with a 5 foot trench dug around it wagging his tail proudly.:tongue:

  5. Shari

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    Gee, Abbey. Had a beagle, huh? lol

    easy child 1 has 2. You pretty much summed them up.

    But, AoG, you picked a good breed for therapy, cause quite frankly, I'm not puppies come much cuter (in general) than an itty bitty baby beagle!
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I ADORE BEAGLES - and believe there is VERY little else that rivals the cuteness of a beagle.

    However I would like to thank Donna for saying EVERYTHING I had in my heart about pet shops. And $1200? LORD have Mercy!

    If you really want to find a lovely pet - try www.petfinders.com and type in your zip code and what kind of animal you are looking for. They have pictures too and the adoption fees include spay/neuter, microchipping, all shots.

    I so understand Puppy Therapy. I do Cat therapy at the shelter 2x a week - bcause my cat is a WITCH. So I go, pet, brush, love and smell as much like OTHER cats as I can then go home and think "DO NOT COME NEAR ME" which sends her running to me (lol) and then she spends 20 minutes smelling me while I tell her about all the WONDERFUL cats that LOVED me.

    Seriously - she's just a turd in a cat suit.

    And with our kids - SOME days it's just all we need to sit with something that WANTS our attention and love.....who wouldn't:redface: