Quaterly Review went well

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Jul 21, 2009.

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    Kanga's quarterly review went well - everyone including the funding source rep -- agreed to reschedule her discharge from August to January. But the part that floored me was that her therapist put in writing that she doubts that she will be ready in January and the funding rep agreed. I'm still stunned and grateful. I really hope the funding rep was on the up-and-up (so many are only looking to drop kids) and she asked the therapist if she thought Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) could be added to the diagnosis to show why Kanga can behave well at Residential Treatment Center (RTC) but still be a danger to go home (it was added). So, we are safe until at least January and likely longer.

    Thanks for being here, I never would have gotten Kanga this much help without all the great advice from all of you!
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    It's good to hear that there are actually people within the "powers that be" who actually see that a child needs more time and more treatment. So many of them figure....eh...a few months and then they can go home. I'm sorry she needs this but I'm glad it's working out for all of you.

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    OMG I don't know whether to cheer with - FINALLY - someone with a brain - or send them a thank you note on Kanga's behalf that reads FINALLY - someone who cares enough to give a dang.

    This IS GOOD NEWS - NOW Kanga can set some short and long term goals without feeling like it's all going to get interrupted before it starts.

    WAY TO GO J3!!!!!

    What a victory for our lovely Kanga!!!! :D
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    :faint:What shockingly wonderful news!!! I am *so* glad.

    I tell you, I believe with- all my heart that if you can survive the next year with- all the bureaucratic craziness, pressure will be effectively applied for the funding to stay in place for the kids that need it and some of the more ridiculous garbage they're pulling right now will stop. And you've made it through until at least 01/2010.

    I am truly just relieved beyond words for you! YEA!!!! :happyguy:
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    I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief for your family! So glad others the powers that be are understanding. Hugs.
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    Thanks all. It is sad that there is something good about Kanga having command hallucinations to kill us.

    Our case worker wanted to know how we'd word that goal: "Kanga will refrain from killing family members on 3 out of 4 visits." LOL

    Everyone said that she can't come home as long as the voices are still wanting us dead.
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    Sue -- that is also my thought, that once we get through this initial garbage that the program will settle back down to what it was and Kanga will get to stay in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for as long as she needs to. I just wish the d*&^ Collab didn't throw thank you and so many others under the bus this year. I hope things are stabilizing with him.
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    I'm so glad someone was listening! Saying prayers that Kanga can continue to get the help she needs.