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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by pigless in VA, May 11, 2017.

  1. pigless in VA

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    I'm an instructional assistant at a school. Most of the time I work with the group of children who have autism. They have me working in one math class as an extra IA, so I now know a bunch of other kids.

    One of the kids has a two inch cut on his arm that he has been digging at for a week. He sits in class and opens it up and plays with the blood. Do I need to take this kid to the clinic or to the counseling office? I am worried about him getting a serious infection in his arm.
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    Ugh! Yes, I would bring him to your clinic or nurse's office or what ever you have available. Perhaps if it's bandaged up he won't be so interested in digging in.

    As for the counselor's office, maybe. But the nurse might also just be able to explain the danger of infection to him. If that doesn't work, maybe the counselor.

    How old is this child?
  3. ksm

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    Do you think he intentionally cut himself? My daughter has cut...I became aware in 8th grade, but she recently told me it started in 4th grade. I had no idea.

    I'd start with the school nurse, so there will be a written record of it.

    Good luck...they are lucky to have you in the class.

  4. ForeverSpring

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    My autistic son used to lick the skin around his lips so badly that his skin got infected and I had to get a script for cream to put on it. I personally feel picking, licking etc. Is autistic related and probably could use medical intervention to prevent infections. Did you ask the parents about it? He may be already getting care. This us more a nasty stimulant than an attempt at self harm like cutting. And as parents its hard to get them to stop. I never took son for counsrling for any if his stims. One reason is because autistic kids dont tend to relate well to counselors and dont commuicate their thoughts well and that is what counseling is about. Some have receptive language problems too.

    My son stopped his worst stims as he got older. He used to pick at sores too but not as bad as the little guy you care for.
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  5. pigless in VA

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    This is not one of the kids with autism. Yes, I do think he is intentionally cutting. I did stop to talk with the nurse this morning, but this kid was not at school today. My guess is that he's 14. He loves to draw on his arm, too, which I would prefer to the cut scenario. I will take him to the clinic at my next opportunity.
  6. Crayola13

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    Even if he is not cutting, he might have a compulsion. Excessive picking or scratching a cut can be a nervous compulsion.

    After we had our cat put to sleep, my anxiety was almost too much. So, my son and I decided to do some gardening. We got eat up with bug bites. He left his alone. I was the nervous one who kept picking at the mosquito bites for weeks until they bled. It wasn't because the itching was annoying. I truly believe I was acting out nervously. I still have about 15 bug bite scars.
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    My own son does the licking of the lips amd it has gotten sore very often, he has been stopping for now but every few months he does it again, I wasnt even aware that this is linked to autism.
  8. ForeverSpring

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    It can be a stimulant. My son used to also suck on his shirt until half of it was soaked.
  9. pigless in VA

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    I did take this kid to clinic. The nurse did nothing but give him a bandaid, and the kid got really mad at me.
  10. JRC

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    No good deed goes unpunished. Sorry Pigless.