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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Catwmn, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Catwmn

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    I was notified by the school today that my son Aaron now has too many absences already this year due to being kept home from having seizures.

    I have spoken to the Neurologist who says that unless she has seen him that day in her office she cannot give me an excuse. So these absences will remain unexcused.

    If he misses one more day this year he will automatically fail the 3rd grade.

    Any ideas how how I can get the school to understand that this is a MEDICAL issue?
  2. Sheila

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    Does your child have an IEP?
  3. Catwmn

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    OOPS...forgot to mention that...

    Yes he has an IEP..but there is nothing in his IEP about his Epilepsy since we haven't had our yearly ARD meeting yet. Therefore as of this moment his IEP does not make any accommodations as to his Epilepsy and attendance.

    Hope that helps.
  4. Sheila

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    As the parent, you are a full member of the IEP team. As such, you can call a meeting at any time.

    I recommend that you call an IEP meeting promptly. Do it by letter and via CM, but fax it to the Sp Ed Director to expedite.
  5. SnowAngel

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    Bring with you the documentation regarding your childs illness that causes absences. They can be excused without seeing the doctor the same day.
  6. Martie

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    I'm sorry to sound flip--but I'm tired...

    Have all the SD in TX lost their marbles? Do they WANT a child who is having a seizure in school???

    Sheesh...IL ranks last or near it in many things, but probably FIRST in letting parents decide when children are fit to go to school.

  7. Sheila

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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Have all the SD in TX lost their marbles? </div></div>

    Common sense isn't always their strong suit.

    It'd be my best guess that the attendance office personnel is strictly going by their policy and rules. They wouldn't necessarily know about IEPs, disabilities, nor when to signal the appropriate campus personnel that maybe something needs to be done via the IEP. That's been my experience anyway..... Even those that should be appropriately trained too often are not.
  8. SRL

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    We were threatened with the possibility of retention when difficult child was missing for anxiety (truly ridiculous since he was about 2 grade levels ahead academically at the time). The district did offer a homebound teacher and I wonder could something like that be worked out here?

    Intermitent absences would be more difficult than a continual period but perhaps a flexible homebound teacher could become involved.