Question about home UA test kit


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I ordered a package of 5 test kits from Amazon that had a lot of positive reviews. I had not yet asked my DGD to take one. Yesterday after she went to work I noticed that she hadn't flushed. I tested the toilet water and it came back positive for meth and the. I really figured with the extra water in the toilet it would come back as negative.

Has anybody else tried this? I am just struggling what to do next with this info. She and her 2yo son lives with us. I don't think she is using here.

Not really sure if I should tell her what I did... n


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Dear ksm

I don't think you should tell her. I can't say why I think that, but I do. But that doesn't mean you should do nothing. I think you should tell her that to stay in your house she needs to test and go to treatment, preferably residential, and after that day treatment, ongoing. I know you can't force somebody to stop drugs but you can set limits in your own home. I don't think it lessens the problem that she is using away from you. I recognize that you are concerned for the baby. But the baby is in limbo as long as she is a meth user and unable or unwilling to assume responsibility for him. As long as this is the status quo she is un-equipped to raise him. He needs to be protected.
To answer your question, I forced my son to test, as a prerequisite to be housed. But I was never ever able to force change. The difference here I think is that there is a baby involved.


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I'm so sorry KSM. You have been dealing with this SH*T for way too long.

I'd probably report her to the authorities as an unfit mother. What she is doing to you and her son makes me very angry.

I would look into that. She needs a shake up/wake up!!!!

We are all enablers I get that and I hate that word. But we all know if we suspect something, we are pretty much always right because we just know.....

Many hugs and praying for your strength.