Finally got daughter drug tested by CPS


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Well please read my prior posts for info that has previously happened. Since then my granddaughter who is 13 broke her collarbone playing hockey. She called me to come stay with me for a few weeks. My daughter reluctantly let her. After she was here for three weeks my daughter started threatening me with kidnapping her. I gave my granddaughter two choices. Either I take you home or you talk to CPS. In the past she was afraid to talk. Now she told what my daughter does and how she acts. My daughter now has a friend of hers supervising her with her 22 month old. I am sure that is not 24/7 like CPS thinks though. After my granddaughter talked to them they went and did a drug test. She tested positive for meth and ecstasy. She used to use pills and heroin. 18 of her 33 years using drugs and alcohol. I have read up on it a bit. It seems very hard to stop. She isn’t in a program and is on unemployment still. My sister who has joint custody of my 13 year old granddaughter is filing for full custody. A lawyer told me it is hard for me to file and win because my sister already had joint custody years ago. They want $10k with no guarantees. I think I should wait it out. My sister gave her back to my daughter two years ago because it was too much on her. Now she has a boyfriend living with her. Sure he isn’t really happy with a teenager there. My granddaughter told CPS and me she wanted to live with me. It’s all so sad. She is ignoring her mom and said she is afraid of her.