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Can anyone tell me a little about thier experience with a partial hospital program thier difficult child may have been in? What do they do in regards to therapy and medication management? Do they have individual as well as group therapy? Do they help difficult child create goals? Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

The program manager STILL has not called me back - I've left 3 messages and not a word. Meanwhile, time is slipping by and I feel that our lives cannot move forward until she's placed. I don't want too much time to pass because it will be too easy for difficult child to slip back into her old routine and then she will be more resistent to going at all! Argh.

hearts and roses

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The facility just called and said she will be on a wait list, which could take about 3 weeks 'or so'. WTH?? What am I supposed to do with difficult child in the meantime? It's just a matter of time before it becomes UNCOOL for me to bring her to work with me and she won't want to come with me after another day or so. And I can't leave her home alone and I don't have anywhere I can send her and still watch her.

Doesn't the fact that she tried to hurt herself and had suicidal thoughts count for anything? Should she be, like, oh, I don't know, RUSHED into a program??

God, I totally understand why so many of us are at the end of our rope and just give up.


I am so sorry about the bad news, I also received similar news from the original recommended program, but I sought out another and told insurance company it was urgent! I will be praying something else will come up because the days of me taking difficult child II to work ended long ago so I can relate.

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today was difficult child II's 1st day in partial. he seemed to do ok, summer means no academics at least with this program. Lots of group therapy and art therapy from what I understand. The Psychiatrist is not set to see him until Friday. That's all I know so far we have "family therapy" 2morrow at 8:15am.


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I see your in CT too....not sure what PHP you're daughter is trying to get into...

When M was discharged from his first psychiatric hospital stay, he was sent to the PHP run by the hospital. Maybe because it was run by the hospital is why he got right in, I don't know, but it went rather smoothly. Our in-take meeting was within a week and I believe he started the following week after that.

The second time he was dischaged he was sent to a different PHP not run by the hospital. Our intake was actually already scheduled to take place to originally take place after M was to have left the hospital PHP, but he ended up being readmitted to the psychiatric hospital and then being dischaged to this PHP program instead. Again, it went *mostly* smooth...the intake was quick, but it felt like it took longer to get up and still was within a week that they were ready to take him, but the communication wasn't as clear.

Three weeks does seem like an awfully long time to wait. Can you see if there are other options available to you in your area?