Question about school suspension and Special Education

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by sosotired, May 31, 2011.

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    Long story short, difficult child was involved in an incident last week where he was being "annoying" and another boy began punching him in the face, repeatedly. The school bus driver was unable to get the boy to stop, police were called, etc. The school officials suspended both boys for 4 days.

    District policy states "If a student enrolled in Sp Ed acts in a way that makes them liable for suspension, the school service team and program supervisor will consider any relationship between the behavior and the child's handicap. If a relationship does exist, a meeting will be held to review the child's program. If no relationship exists then normal disciplinary actions apply"

    I called the school and asked the vice principal, who handled the incident, if the service team reviewed the situation and determined if difficult child's actions were associated with his disability. He said, that's a good question, you'll need to call the district head of special education.

    Isn't that the school's job to follow the policy? I will most definitely call tomorrow but it seems to me, they aren't following policy by meeting out punishment before reviewing the situation and then suggesting it's my job to call them to initiate the review. Am I off base here?
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    Not at all, but they never like following policy - just trying to enforce it on kids. Is the district head of special education even part of your service team? If I'm reading it right, "service team" would mean vice principal and/or anyone else that deals with discipline and the "program supervisor" would be the head of the school's speced dept. I think the district person is gonna send you right back to the vp. Time to make noise.