Question about teacher input toward evaluation.

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    Hi! difficult child 2 was evaluated last week (trying to move him from NYC Spec. Ed. District 75 to District 31 Gen Ed Special Education. program) his IQ dropped from High Avg./Superior to Avg. over the last 18 mos. Without going into horrendous detail, it is due to the teacher that he was placed with.

    Basically, difficult child 2, even with this toad of a teacher, had advanced in many many of his goals/objectives both academically and behaviorally.

    Due to the documentable incompetance and abusive tendancies of the teacher, I and another Mom had a meeting with the Asst. Principal and both our sons Guidance Counselor to discuss what was going on.

    The teacher was spoken to and things backed off ever so slightly.

    We advised the AP that we were going to file a state complaint if she was assigned our children for the summer session. The teacher was moved to another site and both boys are doing beautifully.

    In the meantime, difficult child 2 for most of April, all of May and June was getting daily points (Power of Choice Program) of 48, 49 or 50 out of 50 points for the day. These points are directly associated with positive behavior. We were thrilled with his performance.

    I got his final report card and she dropped his grades (both Academic and Behavioral) by an average of 2 points (in NYC, Elem. school children are graded with a 1-4 system. 1 means below grade level, 2 is approaching, 3 solidly in grade and 4 above).

    I fought with her and won, however, she provided the IEP team with a scathing review of him for the evaluation. The psychologist weighted her write up heavily within the Psychological/Academic report.

    Knowing that she was going to be pulling some kind of garbage, I got his guidance counselor to write a letter of recommendation.

    I'm anticipating a fight on this, do you have any words of wisdom, legal precidents, etc. where a parent felt that the evaluation by the teacher was biased and what recourse came about?


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    I'm sorry I can't provide you with any sage advice, other than to say FIGHT. You know what your child is capable of and what he's been shown to have done and what the teacher said he did. Don't just let them push you around. You are here and there to provide for your child and they don't care what happens to him after they've shoved him out the door.
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    Hi! Not being pushy, but I have the 3 conferences starting tomorrow at 8:30 and throughout the day - any help would be appreciated!

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    Will the person who moved her to the other site be at the meeting? I would ask that he report be excluded as it is clear retaliation over the complaints that you filed against her. Just continue to harp on how well he has done in summer school. Also, remind them that they are legally obligated to educated him in the LRE and that you feel that is the Dist 31 program. Point out that the option is always there to go more restrictive if it is needed again.
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    I am so sorry I just read this and of course am late!
    How did it go?
    Did you go with an advocate?
    I have found that I am just too emotional with these things and have to have an advocate.

    I hope it went well. I am too new to all of this to really be that well versed yet.
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    I got the type of recommendations for all 3 kids.

    difficult child 3 was easy. 12:1:1 in a community school with a para. Since she's starting 3rd grade, I fought for amended promotional criteria since in NYC it's all based on the one citywide test. 1/3 attendance, 1/3 classwork/homework portfolio and 1/3 "the test". I got extra time added to it as well. We're hoping to start a slow transition to general ed (I'd like to see her ready for a CTT by 4th grade) so after she's acclimated to the new environment, she's going to take literacy in a gen ed class.

    difficult child 2 was a fight, but I got him a 12:1:1 with a para. I'm having to file an impartial hearing to get him re-admitted to the Aspergers Program. He was one of the trial students in Kindergarten but was a runner. Because it was a brand new program, I agreed to move him so that he wouldn't wreck it for future students. What a fool! When I agreed to move him, they promised my husband and me that his seat would remain open until her was ready to return. Now they claim it's not available so now I have to fight for them to open another class. I had a meltdown when the brand new school psychologist accused me of lying about the psycho teacher.

    I got what I wanted for difficult child 1 but it was through threats and intimidation. Needless to say, this clown is wishing he NEVER met me! He's going to be in a 12:1:1 with a para as well.

    All 3 will be in community schools. Now I just have to wait for placement to let me know where they will be.