Hi Y'all,

I finally was able to pick up the medical records and found out that my difficult child has bipolar and ODD. At this point, they're dragging their feet it seems and acting as if counseling alone will do the trick.
Not so! She had 8 days of just "Blehhhh", for lack of a better word, brattiness. The smallest thing will set her off into an anger fit and then once "the switch is thrown" it's done. The entire rest of the day/night is ruined. If she was trying at all, by the time she gets upset, then she just quits trying, she just goes into "oppositional defiant mode" and we spend the rest of the time until bedtime trying to stop it, or ignore it.

I'm not quite sure how to properly request medication for her. We have yet another evaluation/assessment tomorrow, so I wll be armed with records in hand, asking for something stronger than counseling.

I feel she needs something to level out the mood swings, or just defuse that trigger just a bit, or a lot. Since our last counseling appointment there were 8 days of yuckiness, then 3 good days, and now its back to yuck-mode again.

I have several books to read from the library, and I Bought a few used online also, on explosive children, defiant children, strong-willed children, etc. I don't want an instant fix, I would like things to go one step in the right direction where we don't have to constantly watch what we say or do, since one wrong thing will set her off.
I've given up on normal, happy or peaceful, I just want to quit feeling victimized and get over the "life sucks" attitude that I've taken on. I may be asking too much from life to have 2 children, who can co exist, and be able to spend time on something other than preventing a meltdown. Some days I wonder why I bother trying, since they happen anyway.
I feel bad for my son, he rarely gets quality time with me, he has to watch what he says and does, since she's older she tends to bully him more oten than not......

I truly need a respite, yet none is here. So I seek information and answers. From everywhere I possibly can find them.

I wrote a little while ago, maybe 3 weeks? introducing myself. We've had an update of sorts, yet no real solutions as of yet.

I"m finding since my difficult child is 10, that many places just want to shut me up and turn me away, send us home with "counseling will help BUT it will take time". With my stress level, my untreated high blood pressure, and lack of sleep, I'm constantly falling apart, and realizing that simple little things arise anger and frustration from me.

Please forgive the bad sentence structure and any grammatical errors, I'm trying to type coherenly here on 2 hours of sleep yet again.

I could go on and on, but I fear I've bored y'all to tears as it is. I guess it's normal to want to see an end or a change and feel hella frustrated when none comes.....

Time to round up the kids from outside and attempt homework.

Y'all have a great day or night!



If she has bipolar disorder, she needs medication. Counseling alone will not do it, but it will help in conjunction with medication. You need to a see a child psychiatrist to get a prescription for this medication.

Here is a link to the Treatment Guidelines on the Child and Adolescent Bipolar Disorder website:

In general, kids with BiPolar (BP) need a first-line mood stabilizer (Lithium, Depakote, Lamictal, Trilepta, Tegretol) plus an atypical antipsychotic (Risperdal, Seroquel, Abilify, Zyprexa, Geodon, Invega) to achieve stability. Stimulants and SSRI antidepressants tend to make kids with BiPolar (BP) much worse.
I finally was able to pick up the medical records and found out that my difficult child has bipolar and ODD

who diagnosed her?

a medical doctor or the counselor you mention.

if it wasnt by a medical doctor then please take smallworld's advice and find a child psychIATRIST as soon as possible.

a counselor cant prescribe medication. in my opinion, if thats is who this diagnosis is coming from they were way out of line by neither discussing it with you and referring you to a pyschIATRIST in your area to determine an appropriate medicine regime for your child.

i'd really be concerned if its even a accurate diagnosis if its on the counselors word, and maybe even more so if this is some other random doctor who doesnt have the
expertise to make such a diagnosis.

she could be bipolar. maybe its set in stone and you are comfortable that its an accurate diagnosis. maybe i'm not interpreting your post right. but you are implying this was some kind of surprise to you that you saw in a file, and that sends up red flags.

but there is a LOT of overlap in pyschiatric disorder symptomology, autistic spectrum disorders, even adhd. throw in 10 year old hormones and honestly, you need someone to tease out an accurate diagnosis and treat appropriately.

not just some random reference in some medical file.

to answer your actual question---there is a small part of the population that reportedly does nicely with alternative methods--diets, supplements, etc. but even if you decide to try that approach you need medical guidance. there is some validity to supplementation and dietary approaches in general, but supplements ARE still drugs, and diets can be difficult to do on your own.

thats for a doctor to help you determine.

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I agree that if it is bipolar counseling alone will not help-medication is needed. Hugs. Have you looked for a new psychiatrist?