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    I have a few "growths" (for lack of better term) in various places on my body. I had a dr look at a couple a very long time ago and he called them "skin tags" and said they just came with age on some people and were not dangerous unless they started growing weird and changing to dark colors. Well, now one has turned to a very dark color (it used to be my flesh color) but has not grown any. Should I be worried? I no longer have medication insurance so having a dr check it out is out of the question unless it's a dire emergency.
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    Do you have a Community Health Center where you can see a doctor to address this concern? They usually charge on a sliding scale basis and will allow for a flexible payment plan. One uninsured medical catasrophe can wreak havoc with your finances, even more so that whatever situation you may now be in.

    For your own peace of mind get this checked out. No guessing or surmising is going to tell you as much as a visit to the doctor.
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    Klmno, I just looked up an article on skin tags (I've had a few removed) and it says they can turn brown due to hormones. If you're pregnant or going through menopause, that could be your culprit.

    I don't like just having one removed because as you said, it's expensive, so I save up my $ and my skin issues and have a bunch of stuff removed every 3 yrs or so at the dermatologist. I do have ins, which pd for my most recent visit, and the dr froze a pre-cancerous scab next to my eyebrow and did not charge me for it. She usually throws in one "freebie."

    I would use a dermatologist instead of a GP, due to experience and training.

    As Chris suggested, you may be able to find a free clinic, or call the dermatologist's ofc and ask if they have a sliding fee scale. They're usually willing to work with-people. It's definitely worth a phonecall to find out.
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    Thanks, Ladies! Terry, I'm positive it's not due to pregnancy (TG!) so that must leave the "Big M". LOL! It's on my back so I think I'll try to take a photo of it so I can see it better. The only way I can try to see it "head on" is by pulling my skin and looking in a mirror at the same time. I've known two men who had melanoma and it doees scare me a little because I never cared about keeping sunscreen on myself when I was a teen and in my early 20's.

    Suz, that slideshow was helpful!
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    Suz, that is a terrific slide show. Why don't you add it to the Archives
    so when the subject comes up again it will be available? DDD
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    You can always call the American Cancer Society & see if there are any free clinics in the area, they do a LOT of free screening for stuff. Having these removed can be extremely expensive, if it isn't anything the it's livable. However ACS also helps with financial stuff too. I'll PM you the #. ;)

    PS - I bet it's just an annoyance!!!
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    LOL, Step- if I'd read this before your PM, I would have known what ACS is!