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    I met with difficult child's IEP team for his triennial back in February. difficult child has not been "fully" tested since his first IEP eligibility six years ago.

    I signed off on Educational and Observation assessments at that time. I was speaking with the compliance officer today to schedule our eligibility meeting to review testing and I told him that difficult child said he has not had any testing yet although we were scheduling the meeting for 5/23 (basically a week away). I indicated that I thought that was a really short time for them to do the appropriate assessment and get the results to me two days prior to meeting.

    He said all the educational assessments have been done.

    I questioned this statement because I assumed, when I signed off on testing, that educational testing included something similar to the Woodcock-Johnson and/or WISK IV. He stated that those were psychological tests and we did not discuss those?????

    You know, I never thought of those tests as psychological - I viewed these as educational since they are used to test general intellectual ability, specific cognitive abilities, oral language, and academic achievement, etc.

    I am dismayed because I really wanted difficult child to be looked at again for NonVerbal Learning Disorder (NVLD), dysgraphia, etc.

    I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this.

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    in my humble opinion - schools don't tell you all those details, because they do not want to do - or deal with results of - psychological (or neurological, or Occupational Therapist (OT), or...) testing. It takes too much time and too much money to do the testing - and even more to implement the supports this testing would reveal. So... not surprised.

    Its definitely frustrating, though.

    Our shortest round of testing was two weeks - and then another 6 weeks to get the report.
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    Posted my response on the thread you started in General Parenting.