Questions about well water......and ADT systems.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Feb 13, 2013.

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    Yep we are still trying to buy a house for easy child/difficult child and it is tiring. On a brighter note we have "found" a possible keeper (if the price works etc. etc.) and I have a couple of questions. If you have well water
    does the well provide water for sprinklers and for household use? Outside the garage there are two cylinders that have gauges on top and say H2O. Do you suppose that means those cylinders clean the well water impurities out before the water goes into the pipes that service the interior? Is it logical to assume that if you already have well water on the property that you could add sprinkler lines for landscaping with-o much expense or worry?

    This house has ADP stickers and an ADP security box on the house. Would that likely mean that it was at one time connected to that service OR is it possible that the security service belongs to the house?

    I'm not allowing any of us to get all hyped up about this possible home because it is well worth full price and there just is not that much money available. on the other hand, fingers crossed, the bank might sell it cheaper to get rid of it. I will tell you all that I am hyped (secretely, lol) because it is a much nicer neighborhood than the other possible homes were in.......and it's less than ten minutes from our house. :) DDD
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    Well water is not like city water.
    Your key factor is what kind of FLOW the well has.
    I haven't lived directly with well water - just know lots of people who did or do.
    Some wells will support ONLY the house.
    Some will support house and garden, but not landscaping.
    In our area (semi-arid), there's no way a well would support watering the landscaping. Here... people make "dugouts" to catch runoff and rain, and water landscaping with that.

    ADP stickers etc? Definitely means the house was connected to ADP security at some point in time. The owner would have to tell you whether they are under current contract, whether the equipment is leased/rented/owned, etc. or whether there is even any equipment now.
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    So...."if" we end up with the house I guess we call an expert in to tell us what's there regarding the water. Since the former owners are foreclosed history I guess we call ADT and hope they tell us the truth "if" the system is owner and not leased. I have never had a security sytem (or needed one) but I'd guess that most are leased systems. This could be interesting. I sure wish the Realtor would call. We live in central Fl. and this house is listed by a company on the W coast of the State. easy child/difficult child "found" it on line as it isn't included in our MLS system etc. I'm hoping that gives us an advantage but "our" Realtor is trying to talk to the "listing" Realtor to find out what's been going on. I'm sick of writing offers, doing deposits, doing inspections and then having banks not respond AT ALL. I'm too old for that this year. DDD
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    Here, the inspection would include a well flow test.
    If the well hasn't been in active use for some time, it might need re-certification - or re-drilling if the quality isn't high enough (in which case, the "old" well could be used for outside watering... )

    I don't know how security systems work in the US. Here? it's usually a five-year initial contract, and at the end of that, you own the equipment.
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    We have a well. I have only grown up on well water. Where husband and I live the previous owner put in a water conditioning system, because of high iron in the water table. The water is drawn up from the well (about 250 ft. deep) by a pump (which we just replaced after 42 yrs) and enters into the house to a holding tank. From there the water is then conditioned and flows throught the house. Kitchen, bath and to our boiler system as our upstairs heat is a forced hot hydrated air system and our downstairs is hot water base board.

    We have always had some issue with pressure. It's been OK, but always felt it could be better. In our case our pump finally died in January and we replaced it which led us to discover (by digging) that we had a leak at the well and a blockage in the line. Now that those have been repaired the pressure is fantastic.

    We don't water our lawn, but we do water our vegetable and flower beds in the late spring and summer by using garden hoses. We have spickets in the front and the back of the house for this.

    I would definately have the water tested for high minerals etc. This is typically done along side with having a house inspection. The outside tanks might be for the water since you are in FL. Ours up here in CT are placed in the basement or garage.
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    You'll want to have that well inspected before you buy. It's not just flow, it's what may be leeching into it. How old is the pump on it and when was it wired? Don't forget if you have a well, you have a septic tank too. How long since the tank has been pumped? It will also need to be inspected. If it's leaking it will cost whoever owns it more than the land and the house together is worth.