Questions from a 5 year old


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My 5 year old grandson asks: where is Mommy?
real answer: downtown working at the Farmers Market, being a prostitute, drinking and sticking needles in her arm.
my answer: I don't know where she is.

He knows there is a mommy because I let him see her from time to time, when she is not high or drunk. She actually has primary custody still because both her family and our family spent thousands of dollars going to court 3 times to fight for and change custody. She cleaned herself up last time just enough to trick the Judge. Right after she won primary custody she got her some dope and got really "effed" up. She told me this. I need to get her to sign temp guardianship papers STAT, i know i know. We have a good relationship, in that we get along and she tells me everything, well probably not everything, but a lot.

He does not ask about Dad because my son is so detached that my Grandson doesn't know that's his dad. My son actually LIVES here. He completely ignores his child.

Grandson calls my husband Dad, he doesn't know that my son is his dad. He calls me Mom. He thinks there is a "Mommy" and a "Mom."

It's just so heartbreaking all the time. I can't dwell on the parents though. I put all my love and energy in to Grandson. He is so stinking cute. But, you know, those parents are always lurking around and reminding me that they exist.


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Oh how much heart ache we endure. I am so very grateful your GS has you.

There is no need to share such ugliness with a seer young person. In time he will be old enough to know his parents truth and know the depth of your undying love for him. Love ❤️


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He will find out one day and will probably be angry he was lied to. This is like trying to keep a child from knowing he is adopted. With the internet, social media, and other people there is no way he wont know. You are putting so much love into him, i would hate for him to lose trust in you. So I worry about this strategy. Son and mother themselves will eventually tell him. Or other family members.

You can love him as much as grandma and grandpa.

Good luck to all!